BioSolveIT LeadIT 2.1.8  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at June 25, 2015
BioSolveIT LeadIT 2.1.8

BioSolveIT LeadIT 2.1.8 | 44 MB

LeadIT, a powerful, new, aggressively easy to use platform for FBDD and SBDD.This software is a computational fusion of bioisosteric replacement, fragment evolution, merging and growing fragments, and traditional protein-ligand docking. LeadIT redefines the current state of the art in modeling software interface design and re-invents user interaction. Creating a slide show of novel, synthetically accessible chemical ideas in seconds couldn't be easier. Stimulate medicinal chemists' minds with an investment of literally only 5-10 mouse clicks Pick and choose molecules, refine results with a chemist and/or virtually validate them via docking with just a few more clicks.