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Marie Lu - Young elite vol.01. La battaglia dei pugnali  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by SSCN1926 at April 14, 2016
Marie Lu - Young elite vol.01. La battaglia dei pugnali

Marie Lu - Young elite vol.01. La battaglia dei pugnali
Italian | Newton | 2016 | EPUB | Pages 285 | ASIN: B01B8RIUYG | 1.78 Mb
Léopold Sédar Senghor, Abdoulaye Sadji, "La belle histoire de Leuk-le-lièvre"

Léopold Sédar Senghor, Abdoulaye Sadji, "La belle histoire de Leuk-le-lièvre"
Publisher: Kos&Co | 2006 | French | MP3 320 Kbps + 3 PDFs | Lenght: 01:17:44 | 181.2 Mb

La belle histoire de Leuk-le-lièvre de Léopold Sédar Senghor et Abdoulaye Sadji, permet d'écouter Bernard Giraudeau, Robin Renucci, Khalil Gueye et une quinzaine de comédiens interpréter de larges extraits de l'ouvrage, sur une musique de Frédéric Martin …

Bruce Lee and I / Li Xiao Long yu wo (1976)  Video

Posted by fekmax at July 10, 2013
Bruce Lee and I / Li Xiao Long yu wo (1976)

Bruce Lee and I / Li Xiao Long yu wo (1976)
Chinese | DVDRip | XviD 1839 kbps | 672x272 | 25 fps | 1.40 GB
Audio: MP3, 96 kbps | Stereo | 48000 Hz | Runtime: 01:42:47 minutes | Subtitle: English
Genre: Biography | Drama

A movie on the life of the renowned Bruce Lee, especially his relationship with his mistress (played by Betty Ting Pei, who was Lee's mistress in real life and in whose apartment he died).

TomTom Android Full With Data-FL  Software

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TomTom Android Full With Data-FL

TomTom Android Full With Data-FL | 11.3 GB

Artworks of Lu Kimmel  Graphics

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Artworks of Lu Kimmel

Artworks of Lu Kimmel
70 JPG | up to 2500x2100 Pixels | 31.4 MB

Chang Cheh, Wu Ma, Pao Hsueh-Li: The water margin (1972)  Video

Posted by mal11lam at Nov. 24, 2009
Chang Cheh, Wu Ma, Pao Hsueh-Li: The water margin (1972)

: The water margin – Chang Cheh, Wu Ma, Pao Hsueh-Li (1972)
Mandarin | Subtitle: German/English | 1:49:18 | 672 x 378 NTSC | MP4 | MP3 – 115 kbps | 1430 MB
Genre: Action

Shaw Brothers’ swordplay movies in their heyday were known for their epic qualities, but The Water Margin ranks especially heavy on grandeur and magnificence. The studio spared no expense in allowing their star director Chang Cheh to adapt one of China’s greatest literary works for the jade screen. The film is an ensemble piece drawing together the bulk of the studio’s top stars, in addition to a couple of Japan’s finest for leading roles. The story of righteous martial brothers labeled outlaws is perfectly suited to Cheh’s brand of cinematic storytelling, known as heroic bloodshed. With expert choreography from his best action directors who draw inspiration directly from the original book, a cast of hundreds, and wonderful sets, the film is truly an impressive sight to behold.

Art by Jai Lu  Graphics

Posted by Alexpal at Oct. 22, 2007
Art by Jai Lu

Art by Jai Lu
51 JPG | up to 1000x800 | 8,3 Mb

Jia Lu was born into a Beijing that stood relatively unchanged by the ravages of the Chinese Communist Revolution. Land reforms and a fundamental reorganization of government and civil life had transformed relations between individuals during the five years of Communist rule preceding the artist’s birth. But the Beijing landscape, with its narrow, winding alleys and compounds enclosed by gray walls, the palaces of the Qing emperors and aristocracy weighted under their yellow and kingfisher roof tiles, the lakes and parks where one could swim during the summer and skate in winter, the songs of vendors falling through the dawn air like the swallows appearing at first light—these were the permanent aspects of a Beijing that filled the artist’s memories and provided the earliest inspiration for a lifetime of work.

Büyük Uyanış - Oktay Sinanoğlu  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by lupusic at July 23, 2006
Büyük Uyanış - Oktay Sinanoğlu

Büyük Uyanış - Oktay Sinanoğlu

Amerika'da bugünlerde esen hava * "Hot-Dog" Ulusçuluğu *Küresel Kraliyet'in gizli örgütleri * Derin oyunlar arasındaki bağlantı *Amerikan psikolojik (ruhbilimsel) savaş okulu *Türkiye'yi tasfiye planı *Aşağılık duygusu *Ruhbilimsel (psikolojik) savaş *Karaliste *Nasıl kurtulacağız? *Ruhsal kurtuluş savaşı *Yabancı dille eğitim kurbanı öğrencilere öğütler
Avrupa, Avrupa *Kime Oy Vereceğiz *Sessiz kurtuluş savaşı *Türkiye'nin altı petrol kaynıyor *Ekonomik çökertme *Genelkurmay izniyle petrol araştırması *Banka soygunları *Soykırım *Sanayisiz kalkınma *Borçlandırarak batırma *Özelleştirme: Ama nasıl? *Üretim; ama nasıl? *Afaroz *Rozet Atatürkçüleri *Etki ajanları *"Türkleştirilmiş Bizanslılar" *Sarıklı İngiliz casusları

Pošli recept speciál - Velikonoce (2017)  Magazines

Posted by crazy-slim at March 17, 2017
Pošli recept speciál - Velikonoce (2017)

Pošli recept speciál - Velikonoce (2017)
Czech | 64 pages | True PDF | 7 MB

Lu Paer - Non altro che me stesso  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by Karabas91 at March 16, 2017
Lu Paer - Non altro che me stesso

Lu Paer - Non altro che me stesso
Italian | 2015 | 88 pages | ISBN 8866902861 | EPUB | 0,1 MB

"Carlo è un uomo di 35 anni che un giorno assiste al suicidio di una giovane splendida donna. Questo episodio lo sconvolgerà a tal punto da costringerlo ad abbandonare il ruolo di spettatore all'interno del quale ha vissuto buona parte della propria vita. Una stanza d'hotel diventa quindi la sua nuova casa, mentre tutta una serie di accadimenti, coincidenze e terribili ricordi lo condurranno verso un finale tragico e possibile per ognuno di noi. 'Lo spettatore' è anche una critica severa al ruolo, sovente distratto, dei genitori; non a caso il tema tanto attuale della violenza sulle donne viene letto sotto una prospettiva diversa, solitamente non detta. In questo romanzo la rabbia si scontra costantemente con la tenerezza dove l'unica vittima risulta sempre e comunque l' infanzia. E da un 'infanzia di dolore può scaturire l' angelo, o il demone."