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Fiat ePER EPC v59 DVD (01.2010) Multilanguage  Software

Posted by nokolaj-tyulkin at Jan. 16, 2011
Fiat ePER EPC v59 DVD (01.2010) Multilanguage

Fiat ePER EPC v59 DVD (01.2010) Multilanguage | 6.92 GB

Program FIAT / ALFA ROMEO / LANCIA / FIAT COMMERCIAL ePER contains the catalog of spare parts for passenger cars and minivans produced concern FIAT under various brands. Supplied catalog Fiat ePER on one DVD, is set partly or wholly on the HDD, is possible to install the server. Program Fiat ePER equipped with new intuitive interface based on Internet Explorer, supports a huge number of languages. There is a search machine for the VIN number and choice of models and equipment, all kinds of search options the details (by number, title, use, modification, etc.).

iPhone Apps Huge Mega-Pack  Software

Posted by angus77 at March 29, 2011
iPhone Apps Huge Mega-Pack

iPhone Apps Huge MegaPack
2011 | Iphone| Apps & Games | 22.28 GB

iPhone is great, isnt it.. Its apps though… Oh, man!! Those iPhone apps! You can never have enough, can you? Well, hopefully this MEGA PACK of 2,295 IPHONE APPS(yes, two THOUSAND,two hundred and ninghty five ) will keep you busy!! Have fun!

Keil MDK-ARM 5.21a with MDK5 Software Packs  Software

Posted by scutter at Oct. 16, 2016
Keil MDK-ARM 5.21a with MDK5 Software Packs

Keil MDK-ARM 5.21a with MDK5 Software Packs | 16.5 Gb

Keil Elektronik GmbH, a developer, manufacturer and distributer embedded software development tools for microcontrollers, announced the release of MDK-ARM 5.21a is the latest release complete software development environment for a wide range of ARM Cortex-M based microcontroller devices. MDK includes the µVision IDE/Debugger, ARM C/C++ Compiler, and essential middleware components. It's easy to learn and use.

Apex Launcher v2.0.5  Software

Posted by AlenMiler at Aug. 7, 2013
Apex Launcher v2.0.5

Apex Launcher v2.0.5
Android | .apk | 3mb

Apex Launcher helps you create a customized homescreen experience on your Android device.

Ansoft Maxwell 12.1 (317 MB)  Software

Posted by torqzilla at Aug. 13, 2009
Ansoft Maxwell 12.1 (317 MB)

Ansoft Maxwell 12.1
Win App | 317mb | RS.COM

Maxwell® is the leading electromagnetic field simulation software used for the design and analysis of 3D/2D structures, such as motors, actuators, transformers and other electric and electromechanical devices common to automotive, military/aerospace, and industrial systems.
VmWare Image: MacOS X leopard 10.5.8 (iDeneb v1.6 Lite Edition) (Repost)

VmWare Image: MacOS X leopard 10.5.8 (iDeneb v1.6 Lite Edition) (Repost) | 2.5 GB

iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition - is a universal assembly hakintosh for Intel / AMD processor that supports SSE2. This release is based on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8

The Foundry Nuke 6.0.1 In the bundled plug-ins (25/01/2010)  Software

Posted by thanhbinh8702 at Jan. 25, 2010
The Foundry Nuke 6.0.1 In the bundled plug-ins (25/01/2010)

The Foundry Nuke 6.0.1 In the bundled plug-ins (25/01/2010) | 702 Mb

The Foundry Nuke - program for creating special effects in film and video. The program used to create special effects in many movies, including King Kong and the day after tomorrow, as well as in hundreds of commercials and music videos. The program used for editing videos and stage images (sikventsy). It is used in processing, the imposition of effects, final assembly, etc. filmed video, film material, to create commercials, as well as for other tasks.

MaxSea with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional  Software

Posted by scutter at May 7, 2011
MaxSea with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional

MaxSea with CM93v3 Issue505 Professional | 2.9 Gb

MaxSea combines advanced weather technology and the most responsive electronic chart and marine instrument support in the industry with solution-specific capabilities such as seabed classification and buoy tracking for commercial fishing, performance routing for sailing, and AIS integration for commercial vessels.
Prominy SC Virtual Guitar Library Complete 9xDVD & Kontakt 4.1.0 WinAll/MacOSX (2010)

Prominy SC Virtual Guitar Library Complete
2010 | 9xDVD | KONTAKT (NKI, NKX, NKC) | 44kHz/24bit | ~64,3 GB

Ultra Real-sounding Virtual Electric Guitar - The true sound of Fender® Stratocaster® includes over 64 Giga-bytes, approx. 123,000 samples. SC Electric Guitar enables you to compose and create natural guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing! With Prominy SC Electric Guitar, you get all of the samples needed to make truly natural sounding guitar tracks at your fingertips.

LiberKey Ultimate 4.9 Portable  Software

Posted by lastsoft at May 13, 2010
LiberKey Ultimate 4.9 Portable

LiberKey Ultimate 4.9 Portable | 215 MB

The new version shell Liberkey, includes automatically updated collection of portable applications that can be installed on your computer or on any portable device. Unlike many currently proposed assembly of portable programs that are "aging" on the go, LiberKey supports automatic updates, and if a new version of a program, you will have an updated version.