Thai PDQ-Quick Comprehensive Course: Learn to Speak, Understand, Read and Write Thai with Linguaphone Language Programs

Thai PDQ-Quick Comprehensive Course: Learn to Speak, Understand, Read and Write Thai with Linguaphone Language Programs
Linguaphone | ISBN: 0747309051 | 2002-03-01 | MP3 | 318 Mb

Synopsis Developed by Linguaphone, the world s leading publisher of self-study language courses, Thai PDQ-Quick Comprehensive Course: Learn to Speak, Understand, Read and Write Thai is the perfect way to begin learning the Thai Language. Designed with busy people in mind, Thai PDQ-Quick Comprehensive Course is an effective way to learn all the essential and practical Thai. Native speakers take the listener to France, where you will discover how to get by in a wide variety of everyday situations. Topics covered include: meeting people for the first time; asking a question; ordering food and drink; starting a conversation; getting to know someone; talking about your friends and family; finding your way around and asking directions; talking about your home and where you live; hiring a car; and sightseeing. All the recordings are bilingual, so you can study simply by listening to the lessons on the CDs. . The 64 page course book offers helpful backup and extra practice. From the Publisher PDQ - the first step towards fluency Linguaphone aims to provide a solution for every language requirement, The PDQ range of language courses is designed specifically to bridge the gap between our full language courses and the requirements of the traveler or holiday maker. PDQ is the perfect course for the person who wishes to take the first steps towards speaking a new language or would like to learn all the language needed for traveling and holidays abroad.

Linguaphone All Talk French: Levels 1 & 2  eBooks & eLearning

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Linguaphone All Talk French: Levels 1 & 2

Linguaphone All Talk French: Levels 1 & 2
Audiobook | 16 CDs | WMA | 512 Mo

Developed by Linguaphone, "All Talk" is designed to help the user learn quickly without the need to dedicate blocks of time to study. Level 1 is for beginners, whilst Level 2 introduces a more challenging range of dialogue. "All Talk" features entertaining dialogue delivered by native French speakers to help the user develop an authentic accent, in an easy-to-follow soap-opera story style. The course teaches an active vocabulary of over 2000 words. There are no textbooks or written exercises to complete and the user can listen at his or her own pace.

Arabic PDQ allTalk  eBooks & eLearning

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Arabic PDQ allTalk

Arabic PDQ allTalk
Linguaphone Institute Limited | 2006 | PDF + MP3 | 158 MB

Learn Arabic with PDQ Arabic course. It's great fun, totally engaging and an incredibly effective way to learn Arabic. Native speakers take you to Turkey where you will learn all the essential/practical Arabic that you need to get by.
This PDQ Arabic course includes native Arabic speaking actors to ensure that you develop the perfect Arabic accent.
* Learn to speak, read and write Arabic to an elementary level.
* Learn 500 essential Arabic words and phrases.
* Perfect your accent by listening to native Arabic speakers.
* Focus on the vocabulary that you need.

Italian allTalk 16 hour  eBooks & eLearning

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Italian allTalk 16 hour

Italian allTalk 16 hour
Linguaphone | 2001 | ISBN: 1560578946 | PDF+MP3 | 264 MB

English description:
The allTalk course is one of our bestselling language range, and it's easy to see why. This is the world's first hands-free language learning course, consisting entirely of audio CDs.
Forget your school days when you had your nose in a book, writing out verb tables: this course requires no reading, no writing and practically no effort.