Mamay (2003)  Video

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Mamay (2003)

Mamay (2003)
DVDRip | MKV | 636 x 428 | x264 @ 1698 Kbps | 75 min | 1,04 Gb
Audio: Ukrainian-Tatar AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded + srt)
Genre: Drama

Mamay draws on traditional Ukrainian and Tatar folktales for its Romeo and Juliet-like love story and parable about chivalry and the struggle for freedom. Hundreds of years ago, in the wild steppes of Crimea that form an uneasy border between East and West, Europe and Asia, nomad and farmer, the proud Cossack Mamay falls in love with the Tatar beauty Omai. The title, like the storyline, holds a variety of different meanings taken from different cultures. In Turkish languages, it means "no one," but it was also the name of a famous Mongol conqueror, the great grandson of Ghengis-Khan. In Persian legends, mamay literally means "the spirit of the steppes".

The Thief of Bagdad (1924)  Video

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The Thief of Bagdad (1924)

The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
DVDRip | Xvid | 416x304 | fps 25 | MP3 128 Kbps | English | 712 MB | 139 min
Release Date: 23 March 1924 (USA) l Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Romance

The thief will steal the gold from your purse; the food from your house; or the magic rope. Whatever he wants, he takes and he has decided to steal from the Caliph - until he sees the Princess. He loses his heart to her and disguises himself as Prince Ahmed - one of four royal suitors for her hand. When she picks him, he is overcome and confesses to his true nature which gets him flogged and thrown out of the palace. But he can yet win the Princess as all the suitors travel to find the rarest of treasures. His trip is fraught with danger as he competes against the magic carpet brought by the Prince of Persia, the magic crystal stolen by the Prince of India and the magic apple taken by the Mongol Prince - who desires the Princess and the city of Bagdad.

Destination Gobi (1953)  Video

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Destination Gobi (1953)

Destination Gobi (1953)
English or Spanish (2 audio tracks) | HDRip | MKV | AVC, 1726 Kbps | 952x720 | 23.976 fps | 1.15 GB
Audio: AAC, 57.3 Kbps | 2 channels | 48.0 KHz | Runtime: 01:29:35 minutes | Subtitles: English, Spanish (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, War

A group of US Navy weathermen taking measurements in the Gobi desert in World War II are forced to seek the help of Mongol nomads to regain their ship while under attack from the Japanese air force. The Mongols are rewarded by an airlift of the finest saddles.

How Sex Changed the World: S01E08 - Extreme Sex (2013)  Video

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How Sex Changed the World: S01E08 - Extreme Sex (2013)

How Sex Changed the World: S01E08 - Extreme Sex (2013)
HDTV | English | MKV | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~2865 Kbps | 23.976 fps
AC-3 | 384 kbps | 48.0 KHz | 6 channels | 00:43:58 | 1.02 GB
Genre: Documentary, History

Food, water and shelter are all necessary to man’s survival. But there’s another powerful need that has transformed history, silently steering us at every turn… sex. HOW SEX CHANGED THE WORLD spans thousands of years and sheds light on how sex has changed history: from Ghengis Khan using it to expand the Mongol Empire to the survival of harems for thousands of years and even how Hoover used it to blackmail top level politicians. Also revealed are the surprising histories behind Cornflakes, WWII pinup girls, car design and so much more. Join us, as we uncover the stories you won’t find in textbooks.

Potomok Chingis-Khana / Storm Over Asia (1928)  Video

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Potomok Chingis-Khana / Storm Over Asia (1928)

Potomok Chingis-Khana / Storm Over Asia (1928)
DVDRip | AVI/Xvid ~1482 kbps avg | 2Hr 05Mins | 29.970 fps | 640x480 | 1.47 GB
Audio: Russian | MP3 2 Ch 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English Intertitles
Genre: Drama, History, War | Director: Vsevolod Pudovkin

In 1918 a simple Mongol herdsman escapes to the hills after brawling with a western capitalist fur trader who cheats him. In 1920 he helps the partisans fight for the Soviets against the occupying army. However he is captured when the army tries to requisition cattle from the herdsmen at the same time as the commandant meets with the reincarnated Grand Lama. After being shot, the army discovers an amulet that suggests he was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. They find him still alive, so the army restores his health and plans to use him as the head of a Mongolian puppet regime.

Bichumoo DVDRIP Fr  Video

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Bichumoo  DVDRIP Fr

DVD-Rip | XVID 576 x 304 25 fps | MP3 127 kps | ~ 690 Mb | French


Durant la fin de la période de la dynastie Yuan, dans une Chine en proie à la guerre et à l'occupation étrangère, Jinhu (Shin Hyun-june) est un expert en sabre héritier d'une technique meurtrière. Amoureux depuis son enfance de Sullie (Kim Hee-sun), fille adoptive d'un commandant mongol, il verra son couple sacrifié sur l'autel de la politique. Trahi, piègé et enfin tenu pour mort, Jinhu n'aura de cesse de se venger.