MSC/Cradle scSTREAM 13.0  Software

Posted by scutter at July 28, 2017
MSC/Cradle scSTREAM 13.0

MSC/Cradle scSTREAM 13.0 | 2.6 Gb

MSC Software Corporation and Software Cradle announced the release of scSTREAM 13.0, is a general-purpose thermo-fluid analysis software utilizing pressured based Finite Volume Method and mainly structured mesh (Cartesian or cylindrical) coordinates that also utilizes Cutcell and tetra elements.

MSC Apex Grizzly  Software

Posted by scutter at July 23, 2017
MSC Apex Grizzly

MSC Apex Grizzly | 2.4 Gb
Updated: added documentation and fixed release

MSC Software Corporation announced the seventh release of MSC Apex, the company's award winning next generation Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) platform.

MSC Simufact.Forming 14.0  Software

Posted by scutter at Feb. 23, 2017
MSC Simufact.Forming 14.0

MSC Simufact.Forming 14.0 | 3.2 Gb

Simufact Engineering, an MSC Software company, is launching their forming simulation software Simufact Forming 14. The software convinces with a newly developed GUI (Graphical User Interface) that simplifies the modeling and the evaluation of the simulation results (preprocessing and postprocessing).

MSC SIMXPERT 2017  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at Jan. 26, 2017

MSC SIMXPERT 2017 (x64) | 1.96 Gb

MSC Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, announced the new release of SimXpert 2017. The new capabilities in this release provide engineers with improvements in both performance and ease of use for integrated multidisciplinary analysis and simulation process automation.

MSC Nastran 2016.1 with Documentation  Software

Posted by scutter at July 1, 2016
MSC Nastran 2016.1 with Documentation

MSC Nastran 2016.1 with Documentation | 4.1 Gb

MSC Software Corporation has released update of MSC Nastran 2016 is a multidisciplinary structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated structural optimization and award winning embedded fatigue analysis technologies, all enabled by high performance computing.

MSC Nastran 2016.0.1 (i8)  Software

Posted by scutter at June 24, 2016
MSC Nastran 2016.0.1 (i8)

MSC Nastran 2016.0.1 (i8) | 1.5 Gb

MSC Software Corporation announced new releases of MSC Nastran 2016. This release delivers dramatic performance and speed improvements as well as new multidisciplinary analysis solutions.

MSC Apex Eagle (x64)  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Feb. 12, 2016
MSC Apex Eagle (x64)

MSC Apex Eagle (x64) | 2.38 Gb

MSC Apex Eagle Release. Accelerates Complex Assembly Layout Modeling and Validation by up to 10x.

MSC Marc 2015.0 with Documentation  Software

Posted by scutter at Dec. 30, 2015
MSC Marc 2015.0 with Documentation

MSC Marc 2015.0 with Documentation | 1.0 Gb

MSC Software, a provider of simulation software, has released Marc 2015. This release has new material models for elastometers, thermoplastics and metal plasticity. It also includes has enhancements to element technology, contact, adaptive meshing and the user interface.

MSC Patran 2014.1  Software

Posted by scutter at Nov. 7, 2015
MSC Patran 2014.1

MSC Patran 2014.1 | 2.1 Gb

MSC Software Corp. has announced the 2014.1 release of Patran, is the world's most widely used pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing solid modeling, meshing, analysis setup and post-processing for multiple solvers including MSC Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, and Pam-Crash.

MSC Nastran 2014.1  Software

Posted by scutter at Nov. 5, 2015
MSC Nastran 2014.1

MSC Nastran 2014.1 | 2.2 Gb

MSC Software Corp. has announced the 2014.1 release of Nastran, the premier and trusted CAE solution for aerospace, automotive, defense, and manufacturing industries worldwide. This release includes new features and enhancements in Contact, Fatigue, High Performance Computing, Acoustics, Aeroelasticity, and Explicit Nonlinear SOL 700.