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The Deep Freeze Mice - My Geraniums Are Bulletproof  Music

Posted by carrak at May 15, 2009
The Deep Freeze Mice - My Geraniums Are Bulletproof

The Deep Freeze Mice - My Geraniums Are Bulletproof
EAC/Flac+Log - no Cue = 373 MB | MP3 vbr v0 226 kbps avg = 133 MB | Full Scans 300dpi
Rock/New Wave/Alternative | Coble Sabam/Biem | # MADA 017 | 1991 (original release: 1979)

The Deep Freeze Mice were an English New Wave band that were active between 1979 and 1989. They were based in Leicester, and consisted of the core members Alan Jenkins (guitars and singing), Sherree Lawrence (organ and other keyboards), and Mick Bunnage (bass guitar). The band had two different drummers over the years: Graham Summers and Pete Gregory.
VA - Mutant Sounds For Mutant People Sampler 2009 (2009) {Beta-Lactam Ring}

VA - Mutant Sounds For Mutant People Sampler 2009 (2009) {Beta-Lactam Ring}
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 176 mb
Genre: alternative, electronic, rock, folk, world, country, abstract, drone, doom metal, experimental

Mutant Sounds For Mutant People Sampler 2009 is a sampler CD created by the Beta-Lactam Ring label of Portland, Oregon. It was released in 2009 and featured songs from disc released by the label plus an exclusive track that closes the CD.

Family Fodder - Sunday Girls (Director's Cut) (2015)  Music

Posted by SERTiL at Dec. 15, 2015
Family Fodder - Sunday Girls (Director's Cut) (2015)

Family Fodder - Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)
Post-Punk, New Wave | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 49:39 min | 120 MB + 5% Recovery
Label: Staubgold | Tracks: 19 | 2015

Staubgold proudly presents the legendary first 12" EP from 1979 by UK underground heroes Family Fodder, for the first time reissued on CD and vinyl. "Sunday Girls (Director's Cut)" comes as a lovingly assembled full-length album compilation. It features the complete "Sunday Girls" EP, the very first Family Fodder 7" single "Playing Golf" (1979), the "Debbie Harry" 7" from 1980, the 7" A side "Warm" (1980) and last not least two tracks from the rare "Te Deum" 12" (1979) by Alig Fodder's pre-Fodder project Frank Sumatra.
Sonorhc - Purf (1972)/Outrelande (1973–82) [2014] + Portes d'Orient (1984)/Amazonia (1985) [2015] ("2 in 1" editions)

Sonorhc - Purf (1972) / Outrelande (1973–82) [2014] + Portes d'Orient (1984) / Amazonia (1985) [2015]
2 CD | EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 686 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 358 Mb
Scans (JPG, 600 dpi) ~ 156 Mb | RAR 5% Recovery
Progressive Rock, Avant-Prog, Experimental | Fractal Records #820, 840

Experimental ethnic fusion outfit based around the duo of Jean-François Gaël, Pierre Buffenoir, initially with Arcane V members: Philippe Gumplowicz and Youval Micenmacher, and others. Sonorhc (Chronos backwards) played a wide-ranging mixture of styles, covering all sorts of ancient and modern cultural elements, medieval, baroque, oriental, you name it, they mixed and matched, fused and collided, making unusual and original concoctions, resulting in three very different albums, and also Jean-François Gaël et Pierre Buffenoir - Portes D'Orient which was essentially Sonorhc although it didn't bear their name…

Baku : Symphony of Sirens  Music

Posted by philomene at Oct. 18, 2012
Baku : Symphony of Sirens

Baku: Symphony of Sirens. Sound Experiments in the Soviet Avant-Garde 1908-1942 (2008)
Leopoldo Amigo; Miguel Molina Alarcón; Various interprets
XLD Rip | lossless | FLAC (Tracks)+LOG+CUE+Scans (600dpi) | 77:30 min + 75:56 min | 812MB
Label: ReR RAG (Recommended Records) | Genre: Classical / style: Avant-Garde

The Symphony of Sirens. In 1922 Arseni Avraamov composed and conducted a visionary public sound event, activating the entire port city of Baku: its factory sirens, the ships horns of the entire Caspian flotilla, two batteries of artillery, several full infantry regiments, trucks, seaplanes, 25 steam locomotives, an array of pitched whistles and several massive choirs. Constantly referenced but forever lost, this extraordinary event is here painstakingly reconstructed and spatialised to approximate the original experience.
(Booklet Extract)

Lustmord - Rising (2006)  Music

Posted by johnbaltese at May 6, 2011
Lustmord - Rising (2006)

Lustmord - Rising (2006)
EAC-FLAC-IMG + CUE + LOG : 376 MB | MP3-320 : 211 MB | Scans Included
Dark Ambient, Industrial | Vaultworks : H-12

Earlier this year, Brian Williams (aka Lustmord) was commissioned by the Church of Satan to perform at the first ever public Satanic High Mass. Of course the date of that event was June 6, 2006, coinciding with the release of the Omen remake and a Slayer album, all trying to maximize the evil that can be ascribed to a trio of sixes. For his score of the event, Williams culled choice elements from his impressive career of dark ambient soundscaping. The Tibetan horns, melodic phrases, and monstrous vocal bellows from Heresy are prominent in the mix, as is the vast expanse of anti-gravitational drone which dominates The Place Where The Black Stars Hang. Tesla coil discharges, metallic airlocks slamming shut, hallowed plainsongs drenched in cathedral reverb, down-pitched electrical crackle, and elongated gong resonance also feature into the mix of the score. It's a thoroughly blackened sound of the self-made individual gaping at a vast emptiness of creation.

Lustmord - The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (1994/2006)  Music

Posted by johnbaltese at April 28, 2011
Lustmord - The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (1994/2006)

Lustmord - The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (1994/2006)
EAC-FLAC-IMG + CUE + LOG | 433 MB | HQ Scans Included
Dark Ambient | Soleilmoon Recordings / SOL 141 CD

If you love dark, ambient music, then Lustmord is the artist for you. Aptly titled The Place Where the Black Stars Hang, this CD is one for the earphones and quiet contemplation. If you could capture with music a thought or theory that can't be readily seen or even really known, then you would have this release. Darkly haunting and one of the best ambient releases.

Neue Deutsche Post Avantgarde (1988)  Music

Posted by v4v at March 11, 2010
Neue Deutsche Post Avantgarde (1988)

Neue Deutsche Post Avantgarde (1988)
classical / avant-garde | media: LP | mp3 256 kbps, no cue, no log | 86 MB, RS
Label: Audiplex AUDIPLEX 003 | 1987, Brazil, Germany | Time: 46:22

Very important 80s compilation gathering the best experimental acts of the German scene of this time. Limited edition of 2950 copies pressed in Germany for the Goethe Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Only 150 copies remained for sale in Europe. The other 2800 copies were sent to the Goethe Institute & went lost there.

Optimo - How To Kill The DJ [Part Two] (2004)  Music

Posted by mook45 at Oct. 9, 2009
Optimo - How To Kill The DJ [Part Two] (2004)

Optimo - How To Kill The DJ [Part Two] (2004)
EAC | FLAC IMG,CUE+LOG = 858MB | MP3@320 = 319MB | 400 dpi Scans
Rock/Electro | Label: Tigersushi - TSKTCD001 | FSo/FSe
Rolfe Kent & VA - Nurse Betty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2000)

Rolfe Kent & VA - Nurse Betty: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2000)
EAC | FLAC (Tracks) + cue.+log ~ 253 Mb | Mp3, CBR320 kbps ~ 133 Mb | Scans included
Soundtrack, Score, Vocal Pop, Country | Label: Varèse Sarabande | # VSD-6184 | Time: 00:47:16

The original soundtrack for Neil LaBute's Nurse Betty features innocent, classic pop songs that capture the sweetly delusional state of the film's title character. Jula De Palma and Pink Martini's versions of the lighthearted standard "Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)" bookend songs like Ricky Nelson's "Poor Little Fool," Ann-Margret's "Slowly," and Della Reese's "Don't You Know," and selections from Rolfe Kent's quirky original score complete this enjoyable companion to one of 2000's most unique films.