Pilates for Every Body (2002)  Video

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Pilates for Every Body (2002)

Pilates for Every Body (2002)
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VISUALIZE A LONGER, LEANER LOOK and then make it your reality with Pilates. Fitness expert Denise Austin has designed a complete 45-minute program to strengthen, streamline and reshape your body from head to toe. An easy, non-impact program for every body shape and every level of fitness, Pilates for Every Body incorporates Pilates exercises focusing on the abdomen as the "core" around which all movement flows. Through the use of correct form, proper breathing, and mental focus, you'll improve flexibility, strengthen the back muscles and tone and flatten the abs.

QUICK FIX - ABS Pilates Workout  Video

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 QUICK FIX - ABS Pilates Workout

QUICK FIX - ABS Pilates Workout
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Pilates focuses on strengthening the core or midsection, so a Pilates-based abdominal workout is a natural. The first of the three 10-minute sessions led by instructor Keli Roberts utilizes many of the classic Pilates moves: curls, leg circles, the 100, criss-crosses, a teaser sequence, and swan dive. The second set combines some traditional mid-section exercises with Pilates resulting in a mix of sit-ups, the can can, leg stretches, scissors, and rollups. Stabilization is the goal of the final and most difficult series, starting with rolldowns from a standing position, pushups, and rollups back up again. Other exercises use the plank and side positions and require both skill and balance. Fortunately, one of Roberts's assistants demonstrates modifications. With so many variations crammed into each short set, beginners may benefit from watching the exercises first and making liberal use of the pause button as they learn. –Kimberly Heinrichs

On the Ball Pilates Workout for Beginners (2003)  Video

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On the Ball Pilates Workout for Beginners (2003)

On the Ball Pilates Workout for Beginners (2003)
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On the Ball: Pilates Workout for Beginners with Lizbeth Garcia has been voted the Best Pilates Video of the Year by Health Magazine for 2005.

10 Minute Solution Pilates On The Ball (2008)  Video

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10 Minute Solution Pilates On The Ball (2008)

10 Minute Solution Pilates On The Ball (2008)
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No time to exercise? We have the solution for you the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we ve developed 5 innovative Pilates workouts that are just 10 minutes each. They will slim, tone and tighten your whole body. Compact and ultra-efficient, these workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Split them into 5 separate workouts or do them all together for one incredible Pilates ball workout! Workouts include Pilates For Abs, Lower Body Pilates, Upper Body Pilates, Pilates for Flexibility and Total Body Pilates.

The New Method 20/20 - Perfect Pilates  Video

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The New Method 20/20 - Perfect Pilates

The New Method 20/20 - Perfect Pilates
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Perfect Pilates gives you a refreshing blend of movement, stretching and breathing exercises that will gently bolster your body’s vital structure. Specifically designed to work from head-to-toe, each segment teaches you how to use breathing and isolated exercises for a total body makeover. Featuring two 20-minute workouts, these proven exercises will build the long, lean body that everyone wishes for!

The Essential Guide to Pilates  Video

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The Essential Guide to Pilates

The Essential Guide to Pilates
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One of the most popular practises today. Joseph Pilates originally devised this mehtod to rehabilitate injured sports people, actors and dancers. Today, it is used by millions around the world as an effective regular workout routine to achieve a toned body with longer, leaner muscles.

Noelle`s Pilates Powerhouse - Método Pilates  Video

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Noelle`s Pilates Powerhouse - Método Pilates

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Uno de los beneficios mas importantes es la disminución del dolor de espalda en las personas que por su trabajo o su condición de sedentarios están obligados a permanecer sentados durante gran parte del día. Obliga al participante a concentrarse en la respiración, olvidándose del stress diario, el Pilates puede ser practicado por cualquier persona…

Inchloss Pilates Workout  Video

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Inchloss Pilates Workout

Inchloss Pilates Workout
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Using techniques developed by Joseph Pilates almost 70 years ago, this programme is a specially formatted workout including matwork and linked exercise sections, to not only tone but to set the conditions for inch loss – leaving you looking leaner and feeling great!

Winsor Pilates Advanced Body Slimming  Video

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Winsor Pilates Advanced Body Slimming

Winsor Pilates Advanced Body Slimming
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This 19-minute Pilates routine ups the intensity by moving more quickly than most. Instructor Mari Winsor starts with the traditional sequence of the hundred-the rollup-the rollover, moving briskly through the repetitions and with little pausing between the exercises. After rolling like a ball and single leg circles, Mari leads you right into the series of five, increasing the intensity by adding a second set of faster repetitions to each move. Other exercises included in this workout are leg kicks, back stretch, child's pose, the neck pull, the jackknife, swimming, several teaser variations, heel beats, and some of the side kick series. You'll end with a few additional side kick exercises performed on the knees (tough!) and finally the seal.
Winsor Pilates Step by Step Workout and Accelerated Body Sculpting

Winsor Pilates Step by Step Workout and Accelerated Body Sculpting
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Basics Step-by-Step (10min) Learn the seven core exercises which are the foundation of all Pilates workouts plus 20 Minute Workout A fast, fun, no-nonsense program designed to Sculpt Your Body Slim in just 20 minutes. Winsor Pilates Accelerated Body Sculpting is a complete total body workout designed to work every area of the body. Shrink and firm your buns, hips and thighs. Thighten and flatten your tummy by working your center or “powerhouse”, increase energy, flexibility and improve overall health. Plus, sculpt long lean muscles that will define your body.