The Maid: A Novel of Joan of Arc by Kimberly Cutter [REPOST]  eBooks & eLearning

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The Maid: A Novel of Joan of Arc by Kimberly Cutter [REPOST]

The Maid: A Novel of Joan of Arc by Kimberly Cutter
Mariner | 2013 | ISBN: 054784493X | 304 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

It is the fifteenth century, and the tumultuous Hundred Years’ War rages on. France is under siege, English soldiers tear through the countryside destroying all who cross their paths, and Charles VII, the uncrowned king, has neither the strength nor the will to rally his army. And in the quiet of her parents’ garden in Domrémy, a peasant girl sees a spangle of light and hears a powerful voice speak her name: Jehanne. “Impressive… Cutter evokes the novel’s medieval world with striking details.” —New York Times Book Review

Leighton Gage - Perfect Hatred  eBooks & eLearning

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Leighton Gage - Perfect Hatred

Leighton Gage - Perfect Hatred
Audio CDs in MP3 / English: MP3, 192 kb/s (2 ch) | ISBN: 1616951761 | Duration: 09:14:30 | 761 mb
Genre: Novel

Chief Inspector Mario Silva and his team have a heavy workload with several high - profile cases. First, a suicide bombing that was apparently the work of a militant Islamist group. Then, a gubernatorial candidate is assassinated in broad daylight at a campaign rally. Could the cases be related? To complicate Silva's investigation, a criminal with a very bad grudge against the Chief Inspector has been released from prison and is plotting ugly revenge.

Digital Tutors: Automotive Texturing in MARI  eBooks & eLearning

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Digital Tutors: Automotive Texturing in MARI

Digital Tutors: Automotive Texturing in MARI
English | mov + project files | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~1504 kbps | 15 fps
AAC | 192 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 03:17:00 | 3.2 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / 3D-graphics

In this MARI tutorial, we will walk through the process of texturing our Mustang asset to look like a rally car. After learning how to setup our MARI project, we’ll get started by learning how to plan out our diffuse textures using a simply base of flat colors.

Steven Sterk - De Weg Naar Het Zuiden  eBooks & eLearning

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Steven Sterk - De Weg Naar Het Zuiden

Steven Sterk - De Weg Naar Het Zuiden
Peyo | ISBN: 978-9-05581-115-1 | ISBN-10: 9055811157 | 18.92 MB | CBR

Mijnheer Pijpers neemt met een vriend deel aan de grote autorally De Weg naar het Zuiden. Steven Sterk is hun assistent. Twee deelnemers sturen de wedstrijd in de war. Ze zijn van plan het casino van Monte San Sone te beroven, waar de rally zal eindigen.
United We Stand?: Divide-And-Conquer Politics and the Logic of International Hostility

United We Stand?: Divide-And-Conquer Politics and the Logic of International Hostility
Aaron Belkin | ISBN: 0791463435 | PDF | 173 pages | 2005 | 5 MB

It has long been assumed that leaders engage in international conflict to unify their followerswhat is often called the "rally 'round the flag" hypothesis. Despite its intuitive appeal, however, this hypothesis does not always provide a compelling explanation of the relationship between domestic politics and international conflict. In United We Stand? Aaron Belkin shows that in one important realm, civilmilitary relations, leaders often prefer divisiveness over cohesion. When they feel domestically vulnerable, leaders use international conflict in order to create and exacerbate rivalries among their own military forces to lower the risk of a coup and to contribute to the consolidation and stability of the political order. Case studies include postSoviet Georgia and Syria.

The Last Testament  eBooks & eLearning

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The Last Testament

The Last Testament
Sam Bourne | April 2009 | ISBN: 0061470864 | PDF | 453 pages | English | 6 MB

Bestseller Bourne (the pseudonym of British journalist Jonathan Freedland) follows his 2006 debut, The Righteous Men, with another Jewish-themed thriller, a cliché-ridden hodgepodge. Weeks before a closely fought U.S. presidential election, disgraced diplomat Maggie Costello comes out of self-imposed exile to mediate a final Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement. When a prominent right-wing academic, Shimon Guttman, tries to reach the Israeli prime minister with an urgent message during a peace rally, security guards gun him down because they fear he was trying to assassinate the prime minister. Costello joins with Guttman's son to track down the secret his father uncovered that could radically affect the negotiations. Bourne does nothing to endear Costello to readers by revealing the reason for her earlier diplomatic disgrace. The ludicrous denouement involves a high-ranking official confessing to all his misdeeds while unknowingly being filmed on a Web cam.
The Enthusiastic Employee: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want by David Sirota
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing (January 20, 2005) | 0131423304 | 398Pages | PDF | 2.80MB/center]
"Enthusiastic employees outproduce and outperform. They step up to do the impossible. They rally each other in tough times. Most people are enthusiastic when they're hired: hopeful, ready to work hard, eager to contribute. What happens to dampen their enthusiasm? Management, that's what.
The Enthusiastic Employee draws on 30 years of research and experience to show you exactly what managers do wrong¿and what they should do instead.
Drawing on detailed case studies and employee attitude surveys in hundreds of companies, the authors offer research-proven solutions¿not fads, nostrums, or phony shortcuts. Along the way, you'll identify the dollars-and-cents business case for high employee morale, learn exactly what employee morale means, and discover the specific management practices that offer the greatest positive performance impact.