Pixar Renderman Studio 1.0.1 & Renderman Pro Server 13.5.2  Software

Posted by kobi1kobi1 at Dec. 25, 2007
Pixar Renderman Studio 1.0.1 & Renderman Pro Server 13.5.2

Pixar Renderman Studio 1.0.1 + Renderman Pro Server v13.5.2 | 240MB

SideFX Houdini FX 15.5.632 (x64)  Software

Posted by Detvora at Dec. 9, 2016
SideFX Houdini FX 15.5.632 (x64)

SideFX Houdini FX 15.5.632 (x64) | 666 MB

Houdini 15.5 delivers great production-inspired features both to our established community and our emerging user base. There’s a lot more included than in a typical point release, as we’ve been able to finalize a wide range of features well ahead of our major release schedule.

Metasequoia 4.5.7 Mac OS X  Software

Posted by big1ne at Oct. 14, 2016
Metasequoia 4.5.7 Mac OS X

Metasequoia 4.5.7 | MacOSX | 62.3 MB

Metasequoia 4 is the 3DCG modeling software for Windows or OSX. You can use it in much the same way on different platforms. Metasequoia 4 provides two editions; Standard edition is suitable for beginners, and for professional of 3D modeling. EX edition is suitable for users using other 3DCG professional software or 3D printer.

SideFX Houdini FX 15.0  Software

Posted by scutter at Oct. 18, 2015
SideFX Houdini FX 15.0

SideFX Houdini FX 15.0 | 667.9 mb

Side Effects Software has announced the release of Houdini 15 with onion skinning, new shader building tools, crowd ragdolls and Houdini Engine 2.0. This new version enhances modeling, rendering and animation tools to meet the needs of generalists, animators, lighters, and game makers while the VFX tools become faster, more scalable and more efficient at handling big data.

Golaem Crowd For Maya 2013-2015 v4.0.4  Software

Posted by speedzodiac_ at May 17, 2015
Golaem Crowd For Maya 2013-2015 v4.0.4

Golaem Crowd 4.0.4 for Autodesk Maya 2013-2015 (x64) | 157.9 MB

Integrated in Autodesk Maya, Golaem Crowd makes it easy and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Artists from all over the globe use Golaem Crowd to bring life to commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games.

Live Interior 3D Pro v2.9.0 Multilingual Mac OS X  Software

Posted by Artist14 at Aug. 6, 2013
Live Interior 3D Pro v2.9.0 Multilingual Mac OS X

Live Interior 3D Pro v2.9.0 Multilingual Mac OS X | 433 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Live Interior 3D is an interior design software for Mac, that features advanced editing capabilities, while remaining intuitive in use. Draw CAD-like 2D plans using flexible drawing tools, flawlessly add and position furniture objects in 3D mode, adjust light parameters for every light source on the fly. Whether you are redesigning your home and making important decisions about materials and furniture or a professional designer looking to prepare a presentation for clients, Live Interior 3D has all you need. The Pro Edition of Live Interior 3D takes the home design experience to an advanced level by offering an advanced tool kit that empowers you to take maximum control over your 3D home design project without complicated twists and turns.

Renderizer DAZ Studio Plugin  Software

Posted by Alexpal at April 27, 2010
Renderizer DAZ Studio Plugin

Renderizer DAZ Studio Plugin | 3 Mb

Renderizer is a plugin for DAZ Studio that allows rendering using renderman compliant renderers. By default 3Delight, Pixar prman and Pixie renderers are supported. Renderizer has several option panes that allow control over nearly all aspects of renderer output.
Renderizer seamlessly integrates into DAZ Studio - simply install the plugin and it will be available in each DAZ studio scene, even existing scenes! All extensions are completely transparent to the user and saved with the scene file. Users without the plugin can still render the scene with DAZ studio integrated renderer.

3DELIGHT v9.0 and 3DELIGHT v5.0 for MAYA for Win/Linux  Software

Posted by avaxhome15 at Dec. 12, 2009
3DELIGHT v9.0 and 3DELIGHT v5.0 for MAYA for Win/Linux

3DELIGHT v9.0 and 3DELIGHT v5.0 for MAYA for Win/Linux | 31.5 MB

3Delight For Maya is our plug-in for Maya users wishing to create high quality work that is sometimes difficult to achieve using Maya's internal renderer. The plug-in was designed to be easy to use for Maya artists as well as provide the necessary power and flexibility for the more demanding production environments. Users can rapidely experience the power of the 3Delight renderer in their projects thanks to HyperShade support, complete geometry support and direct rendering to Maya's render view. Advanced features include multi-pass work-flow, RIB output, MEL RenderMan® binding, multiple output variables, photon mapping, etc …This tool has already a wealth of production experience and has been used with success in productions such as X-Men 3, Chronicles of Narnia and Fantasic Four.

Animal Logic Mayaman 2.0.29 for Maya  Software

Posted by hemga at Dec. 28, 2008
Animal Logic Mayaman 2.0.29 for Maya

Animal Logic Mayaman 2.0.29 for Maya | 29,2 MB

Mayaman is a plug-in which allows Maya users to render their scenes with RenderMan compliant renderers such as Pixar's PhotoRealistic RenderMan (PRman) and Exluna's Entropy and Blue Moon Rendering Toolkit (BMRT), AIR from SiTex, RenderDotC from Dot C Software. MayaMan translates your Maya scene into RenderMan RIB format, and your materials into RenderMan shaders. It is difficult for MayaMan to support every single Maya feature, so this page outlines which aspects of your Maya scenes will be correctly translated to your RenderMan renderers, and also some general features of the MayaMan plugin.
JoeAlter Shave And A Haircut For Maya 2016 / 2016.5 / 2017 v9.5 v5 (Win/Mac/Lnx)

JoeAlter Shave And A Haircut For Maya 2016 / 2016.5 / 2017 v9.5 v5 (Win/Mac/Lnx) | 64 MB (Total)

Joe Alter Shave and a Haircut is a plugin for Maya, that creates extra realistic hair and fur surfaces. With this, you can create furry animals, grasses, haircuts, mustaches and so on. And this is not only about extra rendering-realistic, but also extra dynamic-realistic hair/fur. Combining advantages from both Maya Fur and Maya Hair modules inside itself, JA S&H is a perfect decision for your production. It makes creating of haircuts much easier with much finer level of control and much less rendering time. S&H also MentalRay- and RenderMan-compatible, so you can create super-photorealistic renderings using with no additional compositing.