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Hayden Hayes - Coed of the Month for August 2011 (Repost)

Hayden Hayes - Coed of the Month for August 2011 (set 1)
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Artworks of John Hayes  Graphics

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Artworks of John Hayes

Artworks of John Hayes
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English artist

KATANA - Making a Japanese Sword with Wally Hayes [Repost]  eBooks & eLearning

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KATANA - Making a Japanese Sword with Wally Hayes [Repost]

KATANA - A Modern Craftsman's Guide to Making a Japanese Sword with Wally Hayes [Repost]
eLearning | English | 720x480 | XviD ~869 kbps | AC3 | 48 kHz ~192 Kbps | ~123 min | 926 MB
Sword, Steel working, Blacksmithing

Get ready for the ultimate do-it-yourself project: a battle-worthy handmade Japanese katana (long sword). In this one-of-a-kind video, Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes takes you step by step through the process of designing and building a Katana-Tac – a simplified tactical katana suitable for traditional martial arts practice or modern battlefield use. You will learn exactly how to design, profile, grind, temper, polish and haft your very own working katana using a minimum of tools and equipment.

Senza scampo - Sean Black  eBooks & eLearning

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Senza scampo - Sean Black

Senza scampo - Sean Black
Italian | 2016 | 287 Pages | ASIN: B01BHQ0AX2 | EPUB | 954.57 KB

L’attrice di film per adulti Raven Lane è una delle donne più desiderate d’America, con milioni di fan a provarlo. Quando, però, un corpo decapitato spunta fuori nel bagagliaio della sua auto, si rende conto che la fama porta con sé un prezzo terribile da pagare…

Art - Michael C Hayes  Graphics

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Art - Michael C Hayes

Art - Michael C Hayes
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Isaac Hayes - The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970/2016) [TR24][OF]  Vinyl & HR

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Isaac Hayes - The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970/2016) [TR24][OF]

Isaac Hayes - The Isaac Hayes Movement
Soul, Funk, R&B | FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/192kHz | 36:22 min | 1.42 GB | Digital booklet
Label: Stax Records | Tracks: 04 | 1970/2016

Although this is Isaac Hayes' third long-player, he had long been a staple of the Memphis R&B scene — primarily within the Stax coterie — where his multiple talents included instrumentalist, arranger, and composer of some of the most beloved soul music of the '60s. Along with his primary collaborator, David Porter, Hayes was responsible for well over 200 sides — including the genre-defining "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby," "Soul Man," "B-A-B-Y," "Hold On, I'm Comin'," and "I Had a Dream."

Isaac Hayes - Joy (1973/2016) [TR24][OF]  Vinyl & HR

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Isaac Hayes - Joy (1973/2016) [TR24][OF]

Isaac Hayes - Joy
Soul, Funk, R&B | FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/192 kHz | 47:38 min | 1.67 GB | Front Cover
Label: Stax Records | Tracks: 05 | 1973/2016

With seven massive number one records trailing in his wake, Isaac Hayes donned his stylin', funky gold-chain link vest once again and capped 1973 with Joy, a set which might have proven the lucky-streak breaker – it missed the top spot by one place – but still waded into gold-record waters with ease. "Joy" itself, of course, was the album's crowning glory, a gargantuan 15-minute piece which essentially devoured side one of the album (the accompanying "I Love You That's All" is merely an afterthought).

Isaac Hayes - Joy (1973)  Music

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Isaac Hayes - Joy (1973)

Isaac Hayes - Joy (1973)
Funk, Soul, RnB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:47:41 | 109 MB
Label: Stax Records | Release Year: 1973

Isaac was on a roll in the early 70's with his cinematic romantic funk/soul tales. Than around this this time BOOM!:I've Got So Much to Give,Barry White's debut album was unleashed on the world and all of a sudden Hayes started to seem like he was part of a movement rather than the sole purveyor of it. It was all for not as it turned out: Isaac himself was already so successful and he and Barry's style of orchestration and approch were so fundamentally different at the very bottom that both could easily exist in the same world together. In fact on this album Isaac is borrowing very heavily from Barry's cross pollination of his own sound. The psychedelic element,already being purged heavily from his sound during the Shaft period is completely gone here.

Sean Holland, "The Atlas of Rokugan"  eBooks & eLearning

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Sean Holland, "The Atlas of Rokugan"

Sean Holland, "The Atlas of Rokugan"
Alderac Entertainment Group | 2015 | ISBN: 1594720746 | English | PDF | 320 pages | 165.8 MB

For twenty years, the Legend of the Five Rings card game and role-playing game have explored the world of Rokugan. Now, for the first time, the Emerald Empire at last gets a single-volume atlas describing and mapping its lands, castles, and cities! This book contains a comprehensive description of Rokugan's provinces and settlements, along with detailed explorations of its three major cities (Ryoko Owari and the two Imperial Capitals, Otosan Uchi and Toshi Ranbo).

La terra del sangue - Sean Black  eBooks & eLearning

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La terra del sangue - Sean Black

La terra del sangue - Sean Black
Italian | 2016 | 322 Pages | ASIN: B01MTYEBVY | EPUB | 416.26 KB

"La terra del sangue" è il secondo romanzo della serie di Byron Tibor, già nominata per prestigiosi riconoscimenti internazionali come l'International Thriller Writers Award.
Fuggito dalla sua abitazione a New York e tenuto nel mirino dal governo federale, il reduce delle Forze Speciali Byron Tibor si imbatte in una piccola città di frontiera del Texas nella quale sta avvenendo qualcosa di sospetto. Le inquietanti verità di cui Tibor viene a conoscenza lo costringeranno a prendere posizione in un oscuro gioco di potere.