Commis d'office (2009) Repost  Video

Posted by galmuchet at May 11, 2016
Commis d'office (2009) Repost

Commis d'office (2009)
DVDrip | XviD-1240 | [email protected] | 712x376 | Audio: French | Sub: not found | DVD Cover + Press kit | 1h27 | 900 Mb
Policier, Thriller | France 06 may 2009 | Realisation Hannelore CAYRE

Antoine Lahoud (Roschdy Zem) est un avocat pénaliste déçu par le milieu judiciaire. Il s'occupe de cas minables et se retrouve un peu par défaut, spécialiste des commissions d'office. Il est repéré par Henry Marsac (Jean-Philippe Écoffey), un avocat à la réputation plus que sulfureuse. Ce dernier le flatte et l'engage pour la défense de gros truands et le fait goûter aux joies de l'argent facile, et du sentiment grisant de la réussite…

Tangsir / Tight Spot (1974)  Video

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Tangsir / Tight Spot (1974)

Tangsir / Tight Spot (1974)
DVDRip | MKV/AVC x264 ~1800 kbps avg | 1Hr 55Mins | 23.976 fps | 714x296 | 1.66 GB
Audio: Persian | AC3 2 Ch 256 Kbps | Subtitles: English (Hard)
Genre: Adventure, Drama | Director: Amir Naderi

This film, based on a well-known novel of the same name by Sadegh Chooback, is about a wronged man seeking revenge. Director Amir Naderi's inspiration for making the film was one of his childhood heroes, the legendary Zar Mohammad, who waged a one-man war against four swindlers and provoked wide spread popular sentiment against tyranny.

The Ugly American (1963)  Video

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The Ugly American (1963)

The Ugly American (1963)
A Film by George Englund
DVDRip | AVI | 1h 55min | 480x352 | XviD @ 723Kbps | MP3 @ 96Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 706 MB
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Thriller

An intelligent, articulate scholar, Harrison MacWhite, survives a hostile Senate confirmation hearing at the hands of conservatives to become ambassador to Sarkan, a southeast Asian country where civil war threatens a tense peace. Despite his knowledge, once he's there, MacWhite sees only a dichotomy between the U.S. and Communism. He can't accept that anti-American sentiment might be a longing for self-determination and nationalism. So, he breaks from his friend Deong, a local opposition leader, ignores a foreman's advice about slowing the building of a road, and tries to muscle ahead. What price must the country and his friends pay for him to get some sense?

Ever in My Heart (1933)  Video

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Ever in My Heart (1933)

Ever in My Heart (1933)
A Film by Archie Mayo
DVDRip | MKV | 1h 8min | 720x540 | AVC @ 1800Kbps | AAC @ 160Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 961 MB
Genre: Drama | Romance | War

An espionage drama set in the early 20th century, Ever in My Heart stars Barbara Stanwyck as a New England naif who marries a German citizen (Otto Kruger). In 1915, Stanwyck and her husband suffer a brace of blows: The death of their son, and the sinking of the Lusitania, the latter incident sparking a wave of anti-German sentiment. Hounded out of their small town by the angered citizens, Stanwyck and Kruger move to Europe, where the husband voluntarily leaves his wife to join the Kaiser's army. In 1917, Stanwyck, working as a canteen volunteer in France, discovers that her once pro-American husband is now a German spy. To save him from a firing squad, she poisons his wine, then kills herself.

Je crois que je l'aime (2007)  Video

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Je crois que je l'aime (2007)

Je crois que je l'aime (2007)
DVDrip | MKV H264-1472 | [email protected] | 720x388 | Audio: French | Sub: German (srt) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h25 | 1.0 Gb
Comedie dramatique | France 21 Feb 2007 | Realisation Pierre JOLIVET

Lucas, un riche industriel de 43 ans, célibataire, sort tout juste d'un terrible chagrin d'amour. Il rencontre alors Elsa, une jolie céramiste réputée de 38 ans à qui il a commandé une fresque pour décorer le hall de son entreprise. Irrésistiblement attiré par la jeune femme, Lucas va tenter de la conquérir. Mais s'il est très habile en affaires, il n'est pas du tout sûr de lui en amour. Il va donc charger le détective privé de sa société, Roland Christin, de découvrir pour quelles raisons étranges cette jolie femme est encore célibataire, en mettant les méthodes d'investigation les plus modernes au service d'un sentiment ancestral : l'amour.

Cross of Iron (1977)  Video

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Cross of Iron (1977)

Cross of Iron (1977)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 692 | x264 @ 2437 Kbps | English AAC 2.0 @ 256 Kbps | 132 min | 2,55 Gb
Genre: Action, Drama, War

With too much action to be lumped with "antiwar" films, and too little pro-war sentiment to satisfy the bloodthirsty, this highly individualistic treatment of a wartime situation by director Sam Peckinpah was initially given a cold shoulder by critics and is based on a novel by Willi Heinrich. The story concerns Steiner (James Coburn), an ordinary soldier in the German armies, fighting on the Russian front in 1943, who has won an Iron Cross for bravery. However, his main loyalty is to his fellow soldiers and his family - not Hitler, and certainly not the army, with its hierarchy of honors. Into his life appears a new company commander, Captain Stransky (Maximilian Schell), a true believer and army man, who would give almost anything for an Iron Cross. The captain's obstacle in obtaining this badge of honor is that he is an abject coward. Stransky's attempt to win Steiner to his side by promoting him to Sergeant is doomed to failure, and the conflict between them escalates from there.

Brésil : Samba, meurtre et kidnapping (2011)  Video

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Brésil : Samba, meurtre et kidnapping (2011)

Brésil : Samba, meurtre et kidnapping (2011)
HDTV-rip | Xvid 640x368 25.00fps 767Kbps | MP3 22KHz stereo 112Kbps | French | 69 mn | 446 MB
Genre: Documentaire

Code 12 vous emmène en vacances au Brésil, prenez votre gilet par balles ! Derrière les clichés de carte postale, la violence y fait des ravages. Vous découvrirez à Rio comment chaque année 3 millions de touristes viennent se divertir, dans une ville où 6000 personnes se font assassiner tous les ans. La cause principale de cette violence est la guerre sans merci que se livre la police et les narcotrafiquants. Fred Hissbach a suivi des unités de police lors d'opérations coup de poing et s'est rendu dans la favela la plus dangereuse de Rio afin de recueillir le sentiment des habitants victimes de ces affrontements…

The Village (1975)  Video

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Harakara/The Village (1975)
DVDRip by gandarloda | AVI/RAR | 624 x 304 | x264 1332kbps 29.970fps | AC3 CBR 192kbps (2 chnls) 48.0KHz
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: English | Runtime: 127min | 1.36GB
Genre: Drama

Director: Yoji Yamada
This appears to be a labor of love. Its about a village which is given the opportunity to put on a musical. They would have to pay the overhead and, being that they are farmers and always busy and not rich, question the wisdom and feasibility of such an idea. A spokesperson for the acting troupe Ms. Kono lays out the whole thing and they must decide. You get little slices of rural life in Japan far, at least in sentiment, from Tokyo. The best thing about this film is that it has heart. The acting is good, but it is really about the simple storyline of outing on a show. Films rarely get made with such simplistic plots these days. Enjoy this little slice of what city people call "the simple life".

Vincenzo Bellini - Norma (Bayerischen Staatsoper) vol2  Video

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Vincenzo Bellini - Norma (Bayerischen Staatsoper) vol2

Vincenzo Bellini - Norma (Bayerischen Staatsoper) vol2
XviD | DVDRip | 1 hour 04 Mins | English | 704x384 | 25 fps | MP3 224 kbps | 942 MБ
Genre: Opera

Here, again, the libretto is the work of Romani. It has been eulogised as "of great power and beauty; a tragedy which, both in sentiment and diction, contrasts very strongly with the ungrammatical balderdash which composers are so often called upon to set to music."

Vincenzo Bellini - Norma (Bayerischen Staatsoper) vol1  Video

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Vincenzo Bellini - Norma (Bayerischen Staatsoper) vol1

Vincenzo Bellini - Norma (Bayerischen Staatsoper)
XviD | DVDRip | 1 hour 17 Mins | English | 704x384 | 25 fps | MP3 224 kbps | 1.1 ГБ
Genre: Opera

Here, again, the libretto is the work of Romani. It has been eulogised as "of great power and beauty; a tragedy which, both in sentiment and diction, contrasts very strongly with the ungrammatical balderdash which composers are so often called upon to set to music."