The New World (2005) Extended Cut  Video

Posted by Sartre at May 7, 2015
The New World (2005) Extended Cut

The New World (2005) Extended Cut
BDRip | MKV | 2hr 51mn | 1920x816 (1080p) | x264 -> 4000kbps | AC3 5.1 512 kbps | 5.39 GB
Biography-Drama-History | Language: English | Subtitles: English | NitroFlare/1Fichier/ShareOnline

Terrence Malick, the universally acclaimed American filmmaker responsible for the key 1970s features Badlands and Days of Heaven, returns for a rare directorial outing with the sweeping period piece The New World – an epic dramatization of Pocahontas' relationships with John Smith and John Rolfe. In April 1607, three maritime vessels approach the unfamiliar North American continent, with 103 sailors on board. John Smith (Colin Farrell) sits chained below one of the decks. He is a 27-year-old loose cannon, who, for his persistently rebellious acts, has been sentenced to death by hanging as soon as the ships dock. Upon landing, Smith seeks assistance from local Native American tribes with colonization, but runs into the unexpected – he falls desperately in love with Pocahontas, or "Playful One" (Q'orianka Kilcher), the daughter of the omnipotent Chief Powhatan (August Schellenberg). Later, Smith temporarily returns to England; believing that Smith is dead, Pocahontas accepts the hand of plantation owner John Rolfe in marriage (with her father's blessing) and follows Rolfe back to the old country. When Smith returns to America, his intended is nowhere to be seen, and the entire community teeters on the brink of a British-Indian war.

78 themes for Sony Ericsson  Software

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78 themes for Sony Ericsson

78 themes for Sony Ericsson | 14.4 Mb

37 Forces of Nature Storm HD Wallpaper  Graphics

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37 Forces of Nature Storm HD Wallpaper

37 Forces of Nature Storm HD Wallpapers
2000x1333 Resolution | JPEG | 8.13 MB

Portable Rapidshare Inspector  Software

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Portable Rapidshare Inspector

Portable Rapidshare Inspector | 4.61 MB

Do you have a premium or collector account?
Did you ever wonder about how many premium points per hour or per day you are collecting?
Did you ever asked yourself if you will have enough premium points to extend your account just before the time of expire?
Did you ever waste time to check if all of your files are still present or which one is missing?
Do you want to stop to delete your premium accounts' old files?
If so, maybe this software is the right software for you.

IdPhotos 2008 3.5.0  Software

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IdPhotos 2008 3.5.0

IdPhotos 2008 3.5.0 | 16.5 MB

IdPhotos 2008™ is an advanced but easy-to-use tool designed for automatic image processing of ID photos so that they meet the specific requirements of international ID regulations. Version 2008 is based on two years of experiences and more than 10 thousand successful installations. A standard catalogue of ready-to-use templates – for passports, visas, driving licenses and other identity card photographs – is included. With the IdPhotos 2008™ software, photographers avoid the problems with dimensions, head size or resolution that usually cause ID photos unaccepted by officials. Advanced features make this software a very attractive solution for the many demands of contemporary digital photographic studios. In just a few seconds any user can send the appropriate ID photos for printing.

HAPPYneuron Brain Workout  Games

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HAPPYneuron Brain Workout

HAPPYneuron Brain Workout | PC GAMES | 21.89 MB

Use it or lose it applies to the muscles in our bodies as well as to the neural pathways and connections in our brain. Scientific research has found that regular mental exercise can help keep your mind sharp and slow down the natural effects of 'brain ageing'. Designed for people of any age, Brain Workout includes 12 entertaining games and developed by neurologists and neuroscientists to challenge your brain and keep it in top gear at all times!

CounterPath Bria Pro 2.4.49381 Retail  Software

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CounterPath Bria Pro 2.4.49381 Retail

CounterPath Bria Professional 2.4.49381 Retail | Multi Language | 17 MB

Bria is the newest softphone application from CounterPath, allowing users to enjoy multimedia communications in a dynamic way. Featuring an intuitive interface, Bria is expanding the softphone experience by making it even easier to make VoIP and Video over IP calls, see when your contacts are available and send Instant Messages. While the popular eyeBeam 1.5 softphone uses a familiar-looking dialpad-centric user interface (which looks and feels like a regular phone), Bria features a contact-centric interface which focuses on your address book. This allows you to manage your communications more conveniently and according to your personal preferences. Bria Professional is a version of Bria which offers additional business features for the enterprise or business user such as provisioning and LDAP integration.
Bria is available in 6 languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

PC Magazine November 2008  Magazines

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PC Magazine November 2008

PC Magazine November 2008
112 pages | PDF | 18.03 MB

Corvette Themes Nokia Nseries  Graphics

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Corvette Themes For Nseries Phones | 2,78MB

Vista Ultimate Themes 3rd Edition Phones  Graphics

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Vista Ultimate Themes 3rd Edition Phones | 5.05mb