Shelley (2016)  Video

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Shelley (2016)

Shelley (2016)
BRRip | AVI | 720x304 | XviD@1380 kb/s | English AC3@448 kb/s | 6 channels | 1 h 32 min | 1.18 GB
BDRip 720p | MKV | 1280x536 | AVC@5262 kb/s | English DTS@1509 kb/s
Subs: English | 6 channels | 1 h 32 min | 4.36 GB
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1920x808 | AVC@8652 kb/s | English DTS@1509 kb/s
Subs: English | 6 channels | 1 h 32 min | 6.55 GB
Genre: Drama, Horror

Louise and Kasper want to become parents but Louise is unable to have children. She seals a pact with her Romanian maid, Elena, to bear Louise's child, but things don't turn out as they planned.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)  Video

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC, 4:3 (720x480) VBR | 02:03:02 | 4.4 Gb
Audio: #1 English AC3 5.1 @ 384 Kbps; #2 English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps
#3 French AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps; #4 Spanish AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps
Subs: English, French and Spanish
Genre: Horror, Gothic Drama

Director Kenneth Branagh's interpretation of Mary Shelley's classic horror novel stars Robert DeNiro as a terrifying monster created in an obsessive attempt to defeat death and stretch the limits of medicine in the early 19th century. With the use of flashback, a dying Dr. Viktor Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) divulges a tale of gruesome terror to a sea captain (Aidan Quinn): As a medical student, the rebellious Frankenstein elaborates on the work of a brilliant scientist (John Cleese), successfully bringing to life a "man" assembled from the body parts of corpses. Upon realizing the destructive consequences of his experiment, Dr. Frankenstein abandons the creature and attempts to return to a normal life with his medical partner, Henry (Tom Hulce), and his fiancée (and adopted sister), Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter).

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)  Video

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Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)
BDRip 1080p | MKV | 1920x1040 | x264 @ 10,0 Mbps | English FLAC 2.0 @ 246 Kbps | 91 min | 6,55 Gb
Genre: Horror, Thriller

This is a retelling of the old tale of Hansel and Gretel, but set in England in the 1920's. To the children and staff at the orphanage, Auntie Roo is a kindly American widow who gives them a lavish Christmas party each year in her mansion, Forrest Grange. In reality, she is a severely disturbed woman, who keeps the mummified remains of her little daughter in a nursery in the attic. One Christmas, her eye falls upon a little girl who reminds her of her daughter and she imprisons her in her attic. Nobody believes her brother, Christopher, when he tells them what has happened, so he goes to rescue her…

Discovery Channel - Prophets of Science Fiction (2011) [Repost]  Video

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Discovery Channel - Prophets of Science Fiction (2011) [Repost]

Discovery Channel - Prophets of Science Fiction (2011)
DVD-Rip | 720 x 400 | .AVI/XviD @ 2248 Kbps | 8x~42mn | English AC-3 192 Kbps, 2 channels | 5.78 GB
Genre: Documentary

What once was just imagination is now real; what was once the distant future is now around the corner. The "Science Fiction" of the past has now simply become "Science". And the science of the future was strangely prophesied by a group of visionaries whose dreams once may have deemed them renegades and "mad scientists," have become reality! In 1950, the term "Robotics" was coined by author Isaac Asimov in his book I.ROBOT — and our collective imagination reeled.

Cat Girl (1957)  Video

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Cat Girl (1957)

Cat Girl (1957)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL | 4:3 | 720x576 | 6900 kbps | 4.2Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps
01:09:00 | UK | Horror

A young woman inherits a family curse that turns her into a murderous feline when she is angered.

Gothic (1986)  Video

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Gothic (1986)

Gothic (1986)
DVDRip | MKV | 718 x 544 | AVC @ 1950 Kbps | 87 min | 1.32 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek (embedded)
Genre: Horror | UK

Through her stepsister Claire Clairmont (Miriam Cyr), Mary Godwin (Natasha Richardson) and her future husband Percy Shelley (Julian Sands) came to know Lord Byron (Gabriel Byrne). During the summer of 1816, Lord Byron invited them to stay for a while at Villa Diodati in Switzerland. There they met Byron's physician friend, Dr. John Polidori (Timothy Spall). On June 16th, while a storm raged outside, the five of them amused themselves by telling ghost stories and revealing private skeletons. From Mary's previous experience of miscarriage came the desire to raise her child from the dead, which led to the creation of the Frankenstein monster. From Polidori's homosexuality, suicidal thoughts, and fascination with vampires came the story "The Vampyre".

Frankenstein (1994)  Video

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Frankenstein (1994)

Frankenstein (1994)
Frankenstein di Mary Shelley
A Film by Kenneth Branagh
BDRip | AVI | 720 x 384 | Xvid @ 1510 Kbps | 02:03:10 | 5% Recovery | 2.4 GB
Audio: English, Italian AC3 @ 640 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: English, Italian (.srt)
BDRip 720p | x264 MKV | 1280 x 696 | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC @ 4076 Kbps | 02:03:10 | 5% Recovery | 7.3 GB
Audio: English, Italian DTS @ 1536 Kbps; English, Italian AC3 @ 640 Kbps CBR | Subtitles: Italian, English
Genre: Horror, Romance, Drama

In 1794, in the Arctic Sea, Captain Robert Walton is a man obsessed to reach the North Pole, pushing his crew to exhaustion. When his ship hits an iceberg, it is stranded in the ice. Out of the blue, Captain Walton and his men overhear a dreadful cry and they see a stranger coming to the ship - 1974. Il capitano Walton, in rotta per il Polo Nord, incontra sulla banchisa un uomo allo stremo: è Victor Frankenstein, scienziato svizzero, che gli narra la sua storia, come abbia trascorso un'infanzia felice a Ginevra, interrotta dalla perdita della madre, morta nel dare alla luce il fratellino William. Innamorato della sua sorella adottiva Elizabeth, che lo ricambia.

Thieves Like Us (1974)  Video

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Thieves Like Us (1974)

Thieves Like Us (1974)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | PAL, 16:9 (720x576) VBR | 01:57:45 | 7.83 Gb
Audio: AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps (each): English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Subs: English HoH, French, German HoH, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish
Genre: Crime Drama, Romance

Released in the same 12-month span as Terrence Malick's Badlands (1973) and Steven Spielberg's The Sugarland Express (1974), Robert Altman's Thieves Like Us (1974) also tells a story of doomed outlaws in love. Depression-era criminals T-Dub (Bert Remsen), Chicamaw (John Schuck), and Bowie (Keith Carradine) band together to rob banks after escaping from a prison farm. Hiding out with Dee Mobley (Tom Skerritt) and Keechie (Shelley Duvall), and then with T-Dub's in-law Mattie (Louise Fletcher) between bank jobs, the three crooks are a loyal group, but increasingly sensational news accounts of their bloodless robberies force them to split up before their next crime. After a car accident, Chicamaw leaves the injured Bowie in Keechie's care. Love blossoms between the two naïfs, compelling Bowie to find a way to balance his bond to Keechie with his loyalty to his friends and the need for money to head for Mexico. With the law closing in, Bowie and Keechie learn the hard way about the finite honor among thieves, and the need to survive.

The Night Of The Hunter (1955) Criterion Collection  Video

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The Night Of The Hunter (1955) Criterion Collection

The Night Of The Hunter (1955) Criterion Collection
BDRip | MKV | 1hr 33mn | 1800x1080 (1080p) | x264 -> 6000kbps | DTS 1.0 384 kbps | 4.28 GB
Crime-FilmNoir-Thriller | Language: English | Subtitles: ARA, ENG, FRE, PER, SPA | NitroFlare/1Fichier

Adapted by James Agee from a novel by Davis Grubb, The Night of the Hunter represented legendary actor Charles Laughton's only film directing effort. Combining stark realism with Germanic expressionism, the movie is a brilliant good-and-evil parable, with "good" represented by a couple of farm kids and a pious old lady, and "evil" literally in the hands of a posturing psychopath. Imprisoned with thief Ben Harper (Peter Graves), phony preacher Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) learns that Ben has hidden a huge sum of money somewhere near his home. Upon his release, the murderously misogynistic Powell insinuates himself into Ben's home, eventually marrying his widow Willa (Shelley Winters). Eventually all that stands between Powell and the money are Ben's son (Billy Chapin) and daughter (Sally Jane Bruce), who take refuge in a home for abandoned children presided over by the indomitable, scripture-quoting Rachel Cooper (Lillian Gish). The war of wills between Mitchum and Gish is the heart of the film's final third, a masterful blend of horror and lyricism. Overlooked on its first release, The Night of the Hunter is now regarded as a classic.

Gothic (1986)  Video

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Gothic (1986)

Gothic (1986)
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian | DVDRip | MKV | AVC, 1 500 Kbps | 720x542 | 25 fps | 1.28 GB
Audio: AAC, 111 Kbps | 2 channels | 48.0 KHz | Runtime: 01:23:35 minutes | Subtitle: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek
Genre: Horror

Story of the night that Mary Shelley gave birth to the horror classic "Frankenstein." Disturbed drug induced games are played and ghost stories are told one rainy night at the mad Lord Byron's country estate. Personal horrors are revealed and the madness of the evening runs from sexual fantasy to fiercest nightmare. Mary finds herself drawn into the sick world of her lover Shelley and cousin Claire as Byron leads them all down the dark paths of their souls.