Shirley: Visions of Reality (2013)  Video

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Shirley: Visions of Reality (2013)

Shirley: Visions of Reality (2013)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 665 Kbps | English AAC 2.0 @ 160 Kbps | 89 min | 554 Mb
Genre: Art-house, Drama

Edward Hopper was a prominent American artist and leading representative of the realists, famous for capturing contemporary American life in his work. Hopper has inspired filmmakers in the past, his poetic style influencing the look of the cult film Blade Runner; he, himself was a proponent of film noir. Now thirteen of his canvases are brought to life in this highly stylised film by leading Austrian experimenter Gustav Deutsch. The director finds a unique recipe for transforming the pictures into film images and offers much more than a mere attempt to set them in motion….

Shirley Sun: Iron & Silk (1991)  Video

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Shirley Sun: Iron & Silk (1991)

Iron & Silk – Shirley Sun (1991)
English/Mandarin | Subtitle: English | 1:32:54 | 512 x 384| NTSC | DivX | MP3 – 384 kbps | 701 MB
Genre: Drama

Mark Salzman always was interested in Kung-Fu and the Chinese culture, claims to have seen every Kung-Fu movie. 1982, with a degree in Chinese literature, he visits a province university in China for two years to teach Chinese teachers the English language. He learns the refinements of correct behavior among Chinese people, makes friends with his pupils, falls in love with the young doctor Ming, learns Uschu (similar Kung-Fu) from the famous teacher Pan… but also learns about political repression, especially when he's forbidden contact with some of his friends.

August Winds (2014) Ventos de Agosto  Video

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August Winds (2014) Ventos de Agosto

August Winds (2014)
DVDRip | MKV | 720 x 406 | x264 @ 975 Kbps | 75 min | 620 Mb
Audio: Portuguese AAC 2.0 @ 121 Kbps | Subs: English (idx/sub)
Genre: Drama

Shirley has left the big city to live in a small seaside town and look after her elderly grandmother. She drives a tractor on a local coconut plantation, loves rock music and wants to be a tattoo artist. She feels trapped in the tiny coastal village. She is involved with Jeison, who also works on the coconut farm and who free dives for lobster and octopus in his spare time. During the month of August, when tropical storms pound the coastline, a researcher registering the sound of the trade winds emanating from the Intertropical Convergence Zone arrives in their village. The high tides and the growing winds mark the following days of the village and a surprise discovery takes Shirley and Jeison on a journey that confronts them with the duel between life and death, loss and memory, the wind and the sea.

The Connection (1961)  Video

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The Connection (1961)

The Connection (1961)
AVI | English - USA | Subtitles : not found | length : 1:42:16 | 584 Mb
MPEG-4 Video (DX50) – 720x544 – 799 Kbit/s | MS ADPCM audio (ms) 354 Kbit/s – 44kHz - Mono
Imdb rating: 7.0/10 (134 votes)
Directed by : Shirley Clarke
Genre: drama / musical (jazz)

The Connection was a groundbreaking 1959 off-Broadway play from New York City’s Living Theater group, written by Jack Gelber, that cast jazz musicians as heroin addicts waiting for a score. Artists that passed through the play included pianist Freddie Redd (who composed the original score), alto saxophonist Jackie McLean, tenor saxophonist Tina Brooks, and pianist Cecil Taylor. The Connection was made into a 1961 movie directed by Shirley Clarke, who would go on to film the adaptation of Warren Miller’s controversial Harlem-set novel The Cool World.

(Drama) Sweet Bird of Youth [DVDrip] 1962  Video

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(Drama) Sweet Bird of Youth [DVDrip] 1962

(Drama) Sweet Bird of Youth [DVDrip] 1962 BivX
RIP+UP | XviD-1186 | [email protected] | 704x288 | 2 Audio Tracks English_1 French_2 (English, French, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Roumanian idx/sub in file) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h55 | 1.3 Gb
USA 21 March 1962
Director Richard BROOKS (From Tennessee WILLIAMS' play)

Cast/Avec Paul Newman, Geraldine Page, Shirley Knight, Ed Begley, Rip Torn

Paul Newman recreates his Broadway role in the 1962 film version of Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth. Newman plays handsome hustler Chance Wayne, who romances fading film star Alexandra Del Lago (Geraldine Page) in hopes of winning a movie contract for himself. The mercenary Wayne and the self-destructive Alexandra find themselves in Chance's home town, where corrupt politician Boss Finley (Oscar-winner Ed Begley) rules the roost. Finley's daughter Heavenly (Shirley Knight), impregnated by Chance during his last visit, dreams of a reunion with her old beau, but Finley and his brutish son Tom Jr. (Rip Torn) make certain that no such reunion occurs. Even the well-intentioned interventions of Heavenly's Aunt Nonny (Mildred Dunnock) fail to move the stubborn Finley. Warned to leave town or risk a broken skull, Chance is dumped by Alexandra, whose recent "comeback" film has proven a success and who thus no longer needs a gigolo to feed her ego. From this point on, Richard Brooks' screenplay departs so radically from the Tennessee Williams original that to elucidate the differences would require a book in itself. Suffice to say that the play's Chance Wayne is rendered "less than a man" by the vengeful Finley, whereas the film's Wayne emerges with all his working parts intact. A second version Sweet Bird of Youth (1989), purportedly based on Williams' own rewrite of his earlier material, was filmed for television in 1989, with Elizabeth Taylor and Mark Harmon in the leads, and with Rip Torn, Tom Finley Jr. in the original, stepping into the role of Boss Finley. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Chance Wayne revient dans sa petite ville natale du sud des Etats-Unis en compagnie d'Alexandra Del Lago, une star sur le déclin qui s'abîme dans la drogue et l'alcool. Le docteur Scudder, qui s'apprête à épouser Heavenly Finley, la fille de 'Boss' Finley, un homme d'affaires qui tient la région sous sa coupe, lui apprend la mort de sa mère. Chance se souvient qu'il avait eu jadis une liaison avec Heavenly…

(Drama Romance) Closing The Ring - DVDRip (2007) Re-post  Video

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(Drama Romance) Closing The Ring - DVDRip (2007) Re-post

(Drama Romance) Closing The Ring - DVDRip (2007)
XviD-1180~1380 | [email protected] | 640x352 | English (no sub) | DVD Cover | 1h53 | 2x700 Mb
UK-Canada-USA 28 Dec 2007
Director: Richard ATTENBOROUGH

Cast Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer, Mischa Barton, Gregory Smith, Stephen Amell, Martin McCann, Pete Postlethwaite, David Alpay, Neve Campbell, Stephen Don

The film opens in 1991, with the funeral of a former World War II veteran. The man's daughter Marie (Neve Campbell) delivers the eulogy to a church full of veterans who knew and loved her father, while her mother Ethel Ann (Shirley MacLaine) is sitting out on the church porch, smoking and nursing a hangover. When Ethel Ann begins acting strangely, only her friend Jack (Christopher Plummer) seems to understand why. It quickly emerges that there is a lot Marie does not know about her mother's past and the true story of her love life. The movie flips to a time when this mother was young, lively, and optimistic (young Ethel Ann played by Mischa Barton). She is in love with a young farmer, Teddy Gordon (played by Canadian new comer Stephen Amell), who goes off to war with his best friends Jack (Gregory Smith) and Chuck (David Alpay), but not all of them make it back alive. The plot lines intertwine with the story of a young Ulsterman in Belfast who finds a ring in the wreckage of a crashed B-17 and is determined to return it to the woman who once owned it

Louis de Funes 19 - Les Grandes vacances (1967) DVDRip  Video

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Louis de Funes 19 - Les Grandes vacances (1967) DVDRip

Louis de Funes 19 - Les Grandes vacances (1967)
… aka Grandi vacanze, Le (Italy)
… aka The Big Vacation (International: English title)

DVDRip | 01:56:48 | 640 x 360 | PAL (25fps) | DivX | MP3 - 128kbps | 699 MB
Genre: Comedy | French

Monsieur Bosquier, the proprietor of a private school, is far from pleased when his eldest son, Philippe, fails his end of year exams. He decides to send his wayward offspring to England to improve his English. In exchange, Philippe’s host, a wealthy whisky distiller, Mac Farrel, will send his daughter, Shirley, to live with the Bosquiers in France. However, Philippe has already decided to spend the summer holidays on a yacht with his friends, so he sends a fellow student, Michonnet, to England in his place. The deception is soon discovered but things go from bad to worse when Philippe and Shirley fall in love and elope to Scotland to get married…

(Comedy) My Geisha [DVDrip] 1962  Video

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(Comedy) My Geisha [DVDrip] 1962

(Comedy) My Geisha [DVDrip] 1962
XviD-1516 | [email protected] | 720x304 | Thx to o.u.| English (French srt link) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 2h00 | 1.4 Gb
USA 1962
Directed By Jack CARDIFF

Cast Shirley MacLaine, Yves Montand, Edward G. Robinson, Robert Cummings

"Who's that mysterious Oriental beauty? It's Shirley MacLaine! Meet Lucy Dell (Shirley MacLaine), an enormously popular Hollywood comedienne married to movie-maker Paul Robaix. And meet Yoki Mori (also MacLaine), the recently discovered geisha star of Paul's in-progress film version of Madame Butterfly. Paul doesn't know it yet, but that's no geisha - that's his wife! Yves Montand (as Paul), Edward G. Robinson and Bob Cummings join MacLaine in the romantic comedy My Geisha. Paul is eager to prove he can make a hit film without his wife. Lucy, however, wants to prove she can handle a dramatic role. So she secretly follows Paul to Japan, dons a disguise and gives a topsy-turvy spin to this delightful, gorgeously filmed comedy of mistaken identities."

(Comedy) Love Serenade [DVDrip] 1996  Video

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(Comedy) Love Serenade [DVDrip] 1996

(Comedy) Love Serenade [DVDrip] 1996
RIP+UP | XviD-1157 | [email protected] | 688x288 | English (French idx+sub in file) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h37 | 900 Mb
Australia 1996
Director Shirley BARRETT

Casting Miranda Otto, Rebecca Frith, George Shevtsov, John Alansu, Jessica Napier, Jill McWilliam, Ryan Jackson, Sabrina Norris

A middle-aged disc jockey becomes romantically entangled with a pair of sisters in this quirky Australian comedy. Vicki-Ann Hurley (Rebecca Frith) and her younger sister Dimity (Miranda Otto) are both feeling stagnant in the tiny outback town of Sunray, and they welcome the distraction provided by the arrival of Ken Sherry (George Shevtsov), a formerly popular radio personality fallen on hard times. Despite his present circumstance, the burnt-out Sherry retains an aura of faded prestige that attracts both sisters. Vicki-Ann sets out to seduce the disc jockey, but it is Dimity who first draws Sherry's attention, setting the stage for a conflict between the sisters. First-time filmmaker Shirley Barrett plays this conflict not for romantic melodrama but for comedy, focusing on how Vicki-Ann and Dimity adapt to their experiences with the mysterious Sherry, whose enigmatic demeanor may hide a deeper secret. Barrett plays out this triangle against a detailed portrait of a failing town, emphasizing the distinctive local color and oddball characters in a manner that should appeal most to those with a taste for the unusual.

Un célèbre animateur de radio s'installe dans un village australien. Ses voisines, deux soeurs, rivalisent d'assauts pour se faire remarquer et séduire ce personnage égocentrique, grand amateur de musique soul des années soixante-dix et de jeunes filles.

Straight Is the Way (1934)  Video

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Straight Is the Way (1934)

Straight Is the Way (1934)
A Film by Paul Sloane
TVRip | MKV | 59mn 22s | 640x480 | AVC @ 1844Kbps | AC-3 @ 384Kbps
Lang: English | Subs: None | 948 MB
Genre: Drama | Romance

Based on John Golden's stage play Four Walls, MGM's Straight is the Way offers the monumentally miscast Franchot Tone as tough ex-convict Benny Horowitz, who announces his plans to go straight. This warms the heart of Benny's Jewish mama (May Robson), but his ex-moll Shirley (Gladys George) is unable to join in the happiness, since she is now the mistress of Italian gang boss Monk (Jack LaRue). Despite his efforts to stay out of trouble, Benny is required to bump off Monk before he can lead a clean life. Meanwhile, nominal heroine Bertha (Karen Morley), Benny's stepsister, pines away of unrequited love. The original Four Walls had starred Paul Muni, who was certainly better suited to the ethnicity of the piece than the markedly WASPish Franchot Tone.