The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by step778 at Jan. 13, 2017
The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals

G.T. Cole, H.C. Hoch, "The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals"
1991 | pages: 566 | ISBN: 1489926372 | PDF | 40,6 mb

The Bacterial Spore: From Molecules to Systems  eBooks & eLearning

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The Bacterial Spore: From Molecules to Systems

The Bacterial Spore: From Molecules to Systems by Adam Driks, Patrick Eichenberger
2016 | ISBN: 1555816754 | English | 397 pages | PDF | 21 MB

Spore (2008) [Repost]  Games

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Spore (2008) [Repost]

Spore-RELOADED (2008)
PC Game | English | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 3.39 Gb
Genre: Life simulation, Real-time strategy

Spore is a multi-genre single-player metaverse god game developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. The game was released for the Microsoft Windows and Macintosh (using cider emulation) operating systems in September 2008. Spore is also available for direct download from EA games. A special edition of the game, Spore: Galactic Edition, additionally includes a Making of Spore DVD video, How to Build a Better Being DVD video by National Geographic Channel, The Art of Spore hardback mini-book, a fold-out Spore poster and a 100-page Galactic Handbook published by Prima Games. As part of its license, Electronic Arts released Spore Origins, an arcade-style game for mobile devices, and Spore Creatures, a light RPG for the Nintendo DS. Spore Galactic Adventures, an expansion pack for the PC game, Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena for Wii and Nintendo DS respectively, and Spore Creature Keeper have been announced as part of the 2009 lineup.

Spore Hero [Wii]  Games

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Spore Hero [Wii]

Spore Hero [Wii]
Platform: Wii | Region: PAL | ISO/RAR | Langue: English, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano | 884 MB

Spore finally comes to the Wii in this all-new adventure. Create your own creature hero and fight to save your planet from a dangerous threat.

Spore 1.0.7 iPhone iPod Touch  Games

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Spore 1.0.7 iPhone iPod Touch

Spore 1.0.7 iPhone iPod Touch | 75,6 MB

Spore Origins is the kind of game the iPhone was built for: simple, engaging gameplay that takes advantage of the handheld's advanced technology – in this case, the accelerometer, which requires you to tilt the iPhone as move your fledgling spore around the screen and chomp anything smaller than you. (If you have a current-generation iPod nano, you can do the same with the click wheel version of the game.)

Spore Galactic Adventures [SKIDROW]  Games

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Spore Galactic Adventures [SKIDROW]

Spore Galactic Adventures [SKIDROW]
PC | 1.68 GB | Maxis | July 5, 2009
Genre: Simulation

Spore Origins 1.0.6 iPhone iPod Touch  Games

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Spore Origins 1.0.6 iPhone iPod Touch

Spore Origins 1.0.6 iPhone iPod Touch | 68,1 MB

Eat-or-be-Eaten in SPORE™ Origins for iPhone and iPod touch! Put your iPhone's motion-sensing accelerometer to the test by tilting, turning and twisting your creature through the primordial ooze. Feast on the weak and flee from the strong to survive 2 exciting modes and 35 challenging levels. Evolve from a single-cell weakling into a ruthless predator with the Creature Editor. Customize your texture, shape and body parts to improve your offense, defense, perception and movement. Rule the tidal pool with SPORE™ Origins iPhone game!

Spore Creatures (NDS)  Games

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Spore Creatures (NDS)

Spore Creatures
Nintendo DS Rom | 32 Mb | EUR-Multi6 | 2008

Vidna Obmana - 3 Studio Albums (1993-2003)  Music

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Vidna Obmana - 3 Studio Albums (1993-2003)

Vidna Obmana - 3 Studio Albums (1993-2003)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 1,16 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 474 MB | Covers - 210 MB
Genre: Tribal, Ambient, Experimental | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Extreme, Release Entertainment

Echoing Delight (1993). Echoing Delight is a classic set of electro-tribal minimalism from Vidna Obmana (aka Dirk Serries). It features Djen Ajakan Shean and Tom Kloeck as guest performers. Serries created this deep soundscape just before his introduction to Steve Roach. Serries' work up to this point had been almost exclusively electronic minimalism. This CD shows hints of what is to come. Tribal rhythms and textures are interspersed among the atmospheres and ambient airs. The ethnic timbres are subtle but they are there. Serries' sound design creates a nice balance. It is distinctly minimalist and clearly tribal. This classic CD will appeal to fans of Steve Roach, Mathias Grassow, Klaus Wiese, Amir Baghiri, and Robert Rich…

Steve Roach - 11 Albums (1986-2010) (Repost)  Music

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Steve Roach - 11 Albums (1986-2010) (Repost)

Steve Roach - 11 Albums (1986-2010)
EAC Rip | FLAC (image+.cue+log) - 4,71 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 2,45 GB | Covers - 376 MB
Genre: Electronic, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Projekt, Fortuna Records, Timeroom Editions, GreenHouseMusic

With his distinctive melange of analogue and digital synthesisers, acoustic instrumentation and highly imaginative soundscaping, Steve Roach is a giant in modern ambient and one of the most respected electronic musicians in the world. He's been noted for the deep inspiration he draws from the European electronic tradition, and you can certainly hear the legacy of German psychedelic electronica and spacemusic throughout his work; sometimes not in melody, but certainly in its atmosphere and large, reverberant spaces. Another major source of inspiration for Roach is desert wilderness, including the starkly beautiful deserts and wide open spaces of his Arizona home which continue to color his music to this day. After four decades of recording, Steve Roach's well of inspiration remains as deep as ever…