Temudjin - Tome 2 - Le voyage immobile (2015)  Comics

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Temudjin - Tome 2 - Le voyage immobile (2015)

Temudjin - Tome 2 - Le voyage immobile (2015)
French | CBR | 90 pages | 151 MB

Temudjin  Comics

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French | CBR | 105 pages | 78.8 MB

Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007)  Video

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Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007)

Mongol (2007)
Full BluRay 1:1 | 1080p VC-1 @ 20799 Kbps | 02:05:39 | 20,49 Gb
Audio: Mongolian Dolby Digital 5.1 @ 640 kbps | Subtitles: English, Spanish
Genre: Drama, Romance, War | Nominated for Oscar + 11 wins | Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan

Based on the controversial writings of Russian historian Lev Gumilyov, director Sergei Bodrov's look at the early years in the life of the Mongol conqueror stars Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano as Temudgin (as he was then known), Honglei Sun as Mongol chieftain Jamukha, who was both Temudgin's close friend and mortal enemy, and newcomer Khulan Chuluun as his wife, Borte. Born in the year 1162, Temudgen's childhood was marred by tragedy and peril. But a great battle would seal Temudgen's fate forever, and though history often paints him as a brute, the truth is much more complex. Few historians make mention of the role Temudgen's wife, Borte, played in advising her husband and elevating him to greatness. With Borte by his side, Temudgen would rise to become a fearless visionary whose legacy would still prove potent enough to stir controversy centuries after his death.

(Fr5) Gengis Khan (2011)  Video

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(Fr5) Gengis Khan (2011)

(Fr5) Gengis Khan (2011)
TNT-Rip by Clo2 | French | 49min | 640 x 368 | 25.000 fps | Avi | MPEG-4 XviD @ 895 Kbps | MP3 @ 112 Kbps | 353 MB
Genre : Documentaire

Avant de devenir Gengis Khan, considéré comme "le plus grand conquérant de tous les temps", le dénommé Temudjin est le fils d'un chef d'une tribu guerrière, promis à un destin hors norme. Mais à la mort de son père en 1164, le garçon de neuf ans et sa famille sont relégués dans les steppes mongoles. Peu à peu, le jeune noble va reconquérir sa place de chef avec l'aide de ses frères. Quand sa jeune épouse est enlevée par une tribu rivale, il renoue de vieilles alliances pour la sauver. L'ennemi est littéralement décimé. Par cet exploit, à 20 ans, Temudjin devient un "khan". Désormais, son but est de conquérir le monde…

Mongol (2007)  Video

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Mongol (2007)

Mongol (2007)
BRRip 480p - TinyBearDs | MKV | 848 x 360 | x264 600kbps 23.976fps | AAC 64kbps 2CH
Language: Mongolian, Mandarin | Subtitle: English Included | 126min | 607MB
Genre: Biography | Drama | History | Romance | War | Nominated for Oscar. Another 11 wins & 5 nominations
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10 (18,522 votes)

The movie is an epic story of a young Genghis Khan and how events in his early life lead him to become a legendary conqueror. The 9-year-old Temüjin is taken on a trip by his father to select a girl as his future wife. He meets Börte, who says she would like to be chosen, which he does. He promises to return after five years to marry her. Temüjin's father is poisoned on the trip, and dies. As a boy Temüjin passes through starvation, humiliations and even slavery, but later with the help of Börte he overcomes all of his childhood hardships to become one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known.

Transition  eBooks & eLearning

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Transition by Iain M. Banks
English | 2010 | ISBN: 0316071986 | 420 Pages | PDF | 136.28 MB

La Sombra Blanca  Comics

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La Sombra Blanca

La Sombra Blanca
Yermo Ediciones, 2014 | Spanish | CBR | 102 pages | 106 MB
Guión: Antoine Ozanam; Dibujo: Antoine Carrión

De la contraportada: Desde hace años, el rey Benedek está muriendo. Su leyenda ha conseguido acallar hasta ahora las rivalidades existentes entre los pretendientes al trono. Sin embargo, la noticia del rapto del príncipe Mozes a manos de una bestia legendaria hace resurgir viejos rencores. Y la caza organizada en el reino para rescatar al heredero al trono no bastará para arreglar las cosas. Todo lo contrario…

Iain Banks - Transition  eBooks & eLearning

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Iain Banks - Transition

Iain Banks - Transition
Time: 13:37:00 | Publisher: Hachette Audio | ASIN: B002NVYEH4 | September 3, 2009
Language: English | Audiobook in MP3 / 128 kbps | ~750 MB

A world that hangs suspended between triumph and catastrophe, between the dismantling of the Wall and the fall of the Twin Towers, frozen in the shadow of suicide terrorism and global financial collapse, such a world requires a firm hand and a guiding light. But does it need the Concern: an all-powerful organisation with a malevolent presiding genius, pervasive influence and numberless invisible operatives in possession of extraordinary powers?
Tayna Chingis Khaana [Gengis Khan La Legende d'un Conquerant] 2009

Tayna Chingis Khaana [By The Will of Gengis Kahn] 2009
DVDrip | XviD-1324 | mp3@192 | 688x288 | 2 Audio Tracks: Russian_1 French_2 | Subs: French, English srt | DVD Cover & Sticker | 2h02 | 1.5 Gb
History, War | Russia, Mongolia, USA 12 March 2009 | Director Andrei BORISSOV

By the Will of Genghis Khan (original title Tayna Chingis Khaana), is Russian director Andrei Borissov’s take on the early life of Genghis Khan (born Temujin), one of the greatest, and most bloodthirsty, conquerors in history. The sub-heading is “the legend of a conqueror” and the film covers the life of Temujin from his birth, the death of his father, his marriage to Borte and his exile through to his unification of the Mongol tribes and becoming Genghis Khan.