Valhalla Dsp

Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate 1.0.0 (Win/Mac)  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at Dec. 13, 2015
Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate 1.0.0 (Win/Mac)

Valhalla DSP ValhallaPlate 1.0.0 (Win/Mac) | 3/3 MB

ValhallaPlate is our algorithmic take on the classic plate reverberation sound. Seven original algorithms emulate the sound and behavior of real world steel plate reverbs, and take the sound into dimensions that physical plates can't touch.

Valhalla DSP ValhallaRoom v1.1.0 (Win / Mac OS X)  Software

Posted by longnote at Feb. 20, 2013
Valhalla DSP ValhallaRoom v1.1.0 (Win / Mac OS X)

Valhalla DSP ValhallaRoom v1.1.0 (Win / Mac OS X) | 17.6 MB

ValhallaRoom is a versatile, true stereo algorithmic reverb. It features eleven original reverberation algorithms (including the latest Dark reverb modes, Nostromo, Narcissus, Sulaco and LV-426), and has been designed from the ground up to produce a wide range of natural reverberation sounds. Sounds range from tight ambiences and rooms, through traditional hall and plate sounds, all the way up to vast modulated spaces. The algorithm designs have been influenced by some of the “classic” room simulation boxes, as well as state of the art modern theory.

Valhalla DSP ValhallaVintageVerb v1.0.0  Software

Posted by longnote at Feb. 20, 2013
Valhalla DSP ValhallaVintageVerb v1.0.0

Valhalla DSP ValhallaVintageVerb v1.0.0 | 7.4 MB

ValhallaVintageVerb is a postmodern reverb plugin, inspired by the classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s.

See You in Valhalla (2015)  Video

Posted by rwdfox at Nov. 20, 2016
See You in Valhalla (2015)

See You in Valhalla (2015)
DVDRip | 1h 18mn | 720x306 | MKV AVC@712Kbps 25.00fps | AAC@116Kbps 2CH 48KHz | 464.64 MiB
Language: English | Genre: Comedy, Drama | Subtitles: None

After the bizarre death of her brother, Johana Burwood must return home after four years to face her quirky family, including her estranged dad, her two competitive brothers and various significant others.

Valhalla 15 - The Vala's Visions (2009)  Comics

Posted by mikestoke at Oct. 2, 2016
Valhalla 15 - The Vala's Visions (2009)

Valhalla 15 - The Vala's Visions (2009)
English | CBR | 56 pages | 84.02 MB

Valhalla  Comics

Posted by Lebedev30 at Sept. 16, 2016

Swedish | CBR | 50 pages | 14.2 Mb

Jotun: Valhalla Edition (2016)  Games

Posted by edi1967 at Sept. 12, 2016
Jotun: Valhalla Edition (2016)

Jotun: Valhalla Edition (2016)
PC Game | Publisher: Thunder Lotus Games | Developer: Thunder Lotus Games | 1.5 GB
Languages: English, Italiano, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie | Release Date: 09 September 2016

otun is a hand-drawn action-exploration game set in Norse mythology. In Jotun, you play Thora, a Viking warrior who died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the Gods to enter Valhalla. Explore vast regions of Norse Purgatory to find runes to unleash the jotun, giant Norse elementals. Fight them using only your massive two-handed axe, the blessings of the Gods and your skills!

Valhalla Rising (2009)  Video

Posted by Helladot at May 18, 2016
Valhalla Rising (2009)

Valhalla Rising (2009)
BRRip 720p | MKV | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 2048 Kbps | 92 min | 1,70 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

For years, the fearsome figure known only as One Eye (Mads Mikkelsen - PUSHER, FLAME & CITRON, CASINO ROYALE) has defeated everyone he's encountered, but he's treated more like an animal than a warrior. The only person he has any relationship with is the young boy who brings him food and water daily. Constantly caged and shackled, One Eye has drawn the attention of a new force now sweeping the countryside and displacing the society's leaders: Christians.

ADSR Sounds - Mixing with Valhalla Reverb (2016)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by ParRus at May 10, 2016
ADSR Sounds - Mixing with Valhalla Reverb (2016)

ADSR Sounds - Mixing with Valhalla Reverb (2016)
WEBRip | English | MP4 | 1920 x 1080 | AVC ~4876 kbps | 29.970 fps
AAC | 76.3 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channels | 01:03:57 | 1.61 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Sound Processing

Learn how to apply professional reverb techniques in your mixes with Valhalla reverb Reverbs are essential tools for creating depth and space in the mix. ValhallaDSP has created some of the best and affordable reverb plugins on the market. Learn how to use ValhallaPlate, ValhallaRoom and Valhalla VintageVerb and apply professional reverb techniques in your mixes.

The Art of DSP: An innovative introduction to DSP  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by AlenMiler at Nov. 20, 2015
The Art of DSP: An innovative introduction to DSP

The Art of DSP: An innovative introduction to DSP by Chris Bore
English | Sep. 18, 2014 | ASIN: B00NQCT8F2 | 456 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 22.33 MB

This book is about DSP – Digital Signal Processing. DSP used to be a specialist subject but now most engineers and scientists – and many in other fields such as finance – will use it at some time.