Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo - Vivencias: La obra completa de un genio (2010) {Sony Music Box Set 6 CD & 1 DVD PAL rec 1991-2009}

Vicente Amigo - Vivencias: La obra completa de un genio (2010) {Sony Music Box Set 6 CD & 1 DVD PAL rec 1991-2009}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 1.62 Gb | MP3 @320 -> 707 Mb
DVD5 -> 2.68 Gb | All Regions | PAL 4:3 | Dolby AC3, 2 ch | ~ 56 min | ISO Image
Full Artwork @ 600 dpi (jpg) -> 75 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 1991-2009, 2010 Sony Music | 88697758662
Flamenco / World Music / Guitar / Western European Traditions

For the first time ever, the complete recordings of Vicente Amigo, together in a 6 CD + 1 DVD box set, available only as limited edition. Limited special new pack with all the work of this brilliant guitarist. Since he came out his first album in 1991, VICENTE AMIGO is considered as one of the biggest artist of the flamenca guitar and his carreer is punctuated of gratitudes: Grammy Latino of the best flamenco disc in 2001; best flamenco guitarist for the magazine Guitar Player in 1993; two music awards in 1998 and 1999; a Ondas Prize in 2002… just to name some of them.

Vicente Amigo - Tierra (2013)  Music

Posted by tiburon at April 7, 2013
Vicente Amigo - Tierra (2013)

Vicente Amigo - Tierra (2013)
EAC 1.0b3 | FLAC tracks level 8 | Cue+Log+M3U | Full Scans 300dpi | 323MB + 5% Recovery
Genre: Flamenco, Fusion, Celtic Folk

Different. Global. Surprising. That's how you can describe Vicente Amigo's new album Tierra, the most innovative and international of his career which will be released in February 2013, and that you can already preorder in iTunes. The great Flamenco guitar player has opened his music's window to the fresh air of the British producer Guy Fletcher and recorded in London with musicians from Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler and Capercaillie, in order to offer an exceptional and brave album in which Flamenco music blends naturally with other music styles, opening new paths without losing depth, holding tightly to the inspirational Southern Spanish sounds but wrapped in Celtic melodies, linking light and mist, hovering over different styles to create something completely new.

Vicente Amigo - En concierto desde Cordoba (2004)  Music

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Vicente Amigo - En concierto desde Cordoba (2004)

Vicente Amigo - En concierto desde Cordoba (2004)
DVDRip | XVID 704x400 (16:9), 1292 Kbps | MP3 2ch 192 Kbps | 55 min | 612 MB (3% rec.)
Flamenco, Guitar | BMG

Vicente Amigo Girol (born 1967) is a Spanish flamenco composer and virtuoso guitarist. His album "Ciudad de las Ideas" won the 2001 Latin Grammy for the Best Flamenco Album and the 2002 Ondas award for the best Flamenco work. This video features all the compositions from the album, plus 'Callejón de la luna' – a song from the album 'De mi corazón al aire', as an introduction.

Vicente Amigo - Un Momento en el Sonido  Music

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Vicente Amigo - Un Momento en el Sonido [2005]
Flamenco | 66’38 | EAC/FLAC+CUE+LOG | Front JPG | ~333 Mb

Vicente Amigo reveals the ins and outs of his fifth “journey in sound”, a record up to the expectations built up over five years. The Córdoba-born guitarist wants to get across “a new message”, without losing that personality which has boosted him to the big leagues of flamenco guitar. Although the album deserves an in-depth musical analysis, it also allows a reading for all audiences. And the thing is that the complexity contained in the guitarist’s new creation is miraculously not incompatible with its understanding. Quite to the contrary, it has well-flowing, catchy tracks such as the rumba ‘Demipatí’, ‘Tangos del Arco Bajo’ and even the zapateado ‘Oriente mediterráneo’.
And at the other end, as the author himself points out, experiments like the farruca ‘Silia y el tiempo’ and the taranta ‘Un momento en el sonido’. Both scores display a new way of balancing brain, sensitivity and fingers. Even in compositions which apparently stick to the norm, details of unusual subtlety and exquisiteness are concealed. Therefore, take note of the soleá ‘Mezquita’.
The naturalness of the sound, the flow and proximity of the guitar’s sound on this album must also be pointed out. No abrupt mixing or loud choruses… the voices are touches, the instruments surrounding the guitar do just that; surround it, embellish. Like the nostalgic air of the farruca strengthened by Ariel Hernández’s concertina, like the high-energy beat of Tino di Geraldo’s drums which keeps the rumba going. Generally speaking, there’s contention and taste, space and light… and, in case there are any doubts, flamencura in torrents. It’s clear that the time has come for the changing of the guard with this album. -
María la Tero, April 2005 -

El Pele & Vicente Amigo - Canto  Music

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El Pele & Vicente Amigo - Canto [2003]
Flamenco | 52’04 | EAC/FLAC+CUE+LOG | Front JPG | ~329 Mb

The time for their roads to come together again has arrived. It was a pending matter for Vicente Amigo and El Pele to cross paths. And they have done so at a geodesic point called ‘Canto’, twelve years after having separated their professional careers. With their hearts as a source of complicity, the Córdoba-born guitarist and cantaor share their art with universalizing intentions, wishing to turn into extroverted the introverted. Neither borders, nor labels, nor hieroglyphics… but rather depth, legibility, soul, transcendence. And they say so themselves, proud of having conceived and developed a record “at the same level as any pop, rock, jazz, or whatever star, because it might be flamenco, but it’s an awesome album no matter where you play it”. -
Silvia Calado Olivo. Madrid, October 2003 -

Vicente Amigo - 3 альбома  Music

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В продолжение темы выкладываю еще 3 албома Виценте Амиго в одном архиве.

Vicente Amigo: De Mi Corazon Al Aire (1991)

Vicente Amigo: Vivencias Imaginadas (1995)

Vicente Amigo: Poeta + CD Bonus (1997)

Размер: 180 Mb
Качество: 256 kbps VBR

Sting - Sacred Love (2003) {Special Edition}  Music

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Sting - Sacred Love (2003) {Special Edition}

Sting - Sacred Love (2003) {Special Edition}
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 440 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 151 Mb
Scans (JPG, 600 dpi) ~ 189 Mb | RAR 5% Recovery
Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Electronic | A&M Records #986 053-5

Sacred Love is the seventh studio album by Sting. The album was released on 29 September 2003. The album featured smoother, R&B-style beats and experiments collaborating with hip-hop artist Mary J. Blige and sitar player Anoushka Shankar. Some songs like "Inside" and "Dead Man's Rope" were well received; and Sting had experimented with new sounds, in particular the more rock-influenced "This War". Sting's collaboration with Blige, "Whenever I Say Your Name", won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals at the 46th Grammy Awards in 2004.

Medina Azahara - ...En Al-Hakim (1989)  Music

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Medina Azahara - ...En Al-Hakim (1989)

Medina Azahara - …En Al-Hakim (1989)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Avispa, ACD-002 | ~ 233 or 95 Mb | Scans Included
Symphonic Prog, Progressive Rock

The genre into which Medina Azahara had previously been slotted in is "eclectic prog", and nowhere does this description match the band's output better than on "En El Hakim". This has to do with the attitude of the group towards the compositions - one of patience and collaborative arrangements - and the inclusion of guest flamenco master Vicente Amigo. The result is a band that sounds, and even looks, like a mature version of the Gipsy Kings, one that knows how to slow down, take root, and stay awhile…

Lin Cortes - Gipsy Evolution (2014)  Music

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Lin Cortes - Gipsy Evolution (2014)

Lin Cortes - Gipsy Evolution (2014)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 10 Tracks | 41:34 | 110 MB
Genre: World, Flamenco, Fusion | Label: Lin Cortes

Colaboraciones especiales de Vicente Amigo, Estrella Morente, Raimundo Amador, El Pele y Charlie Cepeda. Lin Cortés, uno de los artistas más prometedores del nuevo flamenco, ha colaborado con autores de la talla de Vicente Amigo, Enrique Morente, Raimundo Amador, Kiko Veneno, Rosario o Antonio Carmona, entre otras estrellas internacionales como Howe Gelb o Buddy Miles, batería de Jimi Hendrix…
V.A. - The Perfect Guitar Collection: 25 Original Albums (2012) [25 CD Box Set]

V.A. - The Perfect Guitar Collection: 25 Original Albums (2012) [25 CD Box Set]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 7.3 Gb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 3.2 Gb | Scans | 459 Mb | TTime: 20:45:04
Genre: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion, Instrumental | Label: Columbia/Sony Music | Cat.: 88725413792

This guitar compilation provides you with a knock-out collection of full albums by guitar icons such as Lee Ritenour (Captain Fingers), George Benson, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, John Pizzarelli, G3 and many more. If you’re lucky, you can find this box set for less than € 50,00, so you get a lot of awesome music at a cheap price! The genres range from Jazz, Blues and Rock to Fusion. Great work by great guitarists.