Unleashed - Viking Raids: 1991-2004 - Best Of Unleashed (2008)  Music

Posted by cha77os at Sept. 12, 2016
Unleashed - Viking Raids: 1991-2004 - Best Of Unleashed (2008)

Unleashed - Viking Raids: 1991-2004 - Best Of Unleashed (2008)
Sweden | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 150 MB
Death Metal | Label : Century Media Records

VIKING RAIDS: 1991-2004-BEST OF UNLEASHED captures the majestic aggression of one of the founding fathers of Scandinavian death metal. Viking Raids - 1991-2004: Best of Unleashed songs Culling songs from seven studio albums spanning the band's 13-year career with Century Media Records, VIKING RAIDS is a testament to the power and unabashed musical freedom that Unleashed represents. Viking Raids - 1991-2004: Best of Unleashed album for sale One of the first bands to incorporate Scandinavian folk elements within the context of death metal, Unleashed composed music that could easily herald a Viking invasion. Viking Raids - 1991-2004: Best of Unleashed CD music Coarse, brutal, and melodic, Unleashed pioneered and perfected a sound that is still mimicked by scores of Scandinavian metal bands.
Tribute To Papa Bue - The Music of Papa Bue Played by Former Members of Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband (2015)

Tribute To Papa Bue - The Music of Papa Bue Played by Former Members of Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband (2015)
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 427 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 146 Mb
Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (png) -> 10 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 2015 Olufsen Records | DOCD 5956
Jazz / Mainstream Jazz / Swing

Most excellent tribute band (to Papa Bue, R.I.P.) which includes jazz veterans such as Fessor, Krolle Erik, Jack Anderson, Per Jacobsen, Jens Solund og Henrik Simonsen. This is Denmark's most busy trad./swing jazz band. Listen to this album and you'll understand why!

Skálmöld - Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (2016)  Music

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Skálmöld - Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (2016)

Skálmöld - Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (2016)
Iceland | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 2 CD | 201 MB
Viking/Folk Metal | Label : Napalm Records

A stunning and winding trip through Norse mythology awaits on Vögguvísur Yggdrasils – and the best travel guides are and will always be Reykjavik-based Viking metallers SKÀLMÖLD!!! They already proved on three albums (the latest effort being Með Vættum in 2014) that they`re rather well-versed when it comes to Odin and his lot, but now the Icelandic sixpiece delves into the Nine Worlds from Muspellsheim (fire) to Nifelheim (ice) – all held together by world tree Yggdrasil. The perfect backdrop for the fifth longplayer by these genre heavyweights that smoothly moves from highly melodic and epic Viking metal to picturesque folklore. Odin owns ye all!

Uburen - Frå Døden Fødes Liv (2016)  Music

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Uburen - Frå Døden Fødes Liv (2016)

Uburen - Frå Døden Fødes Liv (2016)
Norway | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 102 MB
Black/Viking Metal | Label : Via Nocturna

This is the second album from this Norwegian black metal band. Their debut album Withered Roots was Viking-themed black metal with a touch of death metal now and again, and very enjoyable it was. As with their debut release, this album plays to the more extreme end of the Viking metal sub-genre, essentially to the point where they’re a purestrain black metal band really. The production is sleek and threatening, distinctly of the underground, but when combined with their cutting riffs it’s sharp and menacing enough to cut skin. Taking their second-wave black metal influences and running with them, the tracks on Frå Døden Fødes Liv have an ear for a good melody and are all quite satisfying to listen to.

VA - Ice and Longboats: Ancient Music of Scandinavia (2016)  Music

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VA - Ice and Longboats: Ancient Music of Scandinavia (2016)

VA - Ice and Longboats: Ancient Music of Scandinavia (2016)
Classical, Folk | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 01:16:13 | 176 MB
Label: Delphian

Scandinavia’s archaeologically known prehistory encompasses around twelve thousand years, culminating in the Viking period (c.800–1050AD). The Middle Ages then followed, around six hundred years later than in continental Europe – a late development due to the long period in which ice still covered Europe’s northern parts. Volume 2 in Delphian Records’ groundbreaking collaboration with the European Music Archaeology Project constructs a soundscape of these two periods, featuring both music improvised on Viking instruments, and notated songs and instrumental items from the early centuries of Christianity in Scandinavia.

Månegarm - Nattväsen (2016) [Remastered]  Music

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Månegarm - Nattväsen (2016) [Remastered]

Månegarm - Nattväsen (2016) [Remastered]
Sweden | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 111 MB
Viking/Black/Folk Metal | Label : Black Lodge Records

The Swedish Viking metal band 'Mangegarm' re-releases its sixth studio album 'Nattväsen', which was originally released in 2009. This album by the Viking metal heroes is full of energy and power. The re-release was digitally remastered, provided with a new artwork by Kris Verwimp and also comes with unpublished bonus tracks.

Varg - Wolfskult (2011)  Music

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Varg - Wolfskult (2011)

Varg - Wolfskult (2011)
Mp3 | 192 Kbps | 71 MB | Germany
Pagan Metal

3rd Album from the German Pagan Metal Band. Viking Metal Band "VARG" (which comes from Swedish and Norwegian meaning "wolf") are able to look back on 5 years of glorious band history after their release of "Blutaar" in 2010. VARG 2011 are one highly aggressive kill machine, ready to strike! The band is considered THE hope among the Viking/Pagan Metal scene! The record was once again produced by Andy Classesn (Legion Of The Damned, Belphegor, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter) at Stage One Studios and this time around, the sound of the CD just kills it! A furious mix and one massive production let songs like "Wolfskult" or "Wir sind die Wölfe" rage out of your speakers! A true massacre!

Falkenbach - Tiurida (2011)  Music

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Falkenbach - Tiurida (2011)

Falkenbach - Tiurida (2011)
Mp3 | 240 VBR | 78 MB | Germany
Blackened Folk/Viking Metal

Tiurida is the fifth full-length from German one-man Viking Metal band Falkenbach. Generally well regarded, this is my first go-round with Falkenbach. The music on Tiurida is smooth and atmospheric, with main man Vratyas Vakyas relying more on clean vocals than harsh. With song titles like "…Where his Ravens Fly…" and "Runes Shall You Know" it's clear the lyrics concern Viking/Norse themes.

Fimbulthier - Rise (2010)  Music

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Fimbulthier - Rise (2010)

Fimbulthier - Rise (2010)
Mp3 | 320 Kbps | 100 MB | Germany
Viking Melodic Death Metal

FIMBULTHIER describe themselves as Viking Melodic Death Metal, and given that they are signed to Trollzorn Records, which specializes exclusively in Folk, Viking, and Pagan Metal, it is safe to take the band at their word. What we get with this latest release from these Germans, however, is some fairly standard, though skillfully performed Melodeath that gives very little hint of the Viking theme.

Obscurity - Tenkterra (2010)  Music

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Obscurity - Tenkterra (2010)

Obscurity - Tenkterra (2010)
Mp3 | 280 VBR | 92 MB | Germany
Pagan/Viking Metal

Obscurity’s fifth studio album, Tenkterra, is a concept album of epic proportions. Obscurity have dubbed themselves as “battle metal”, which is a perfect description. The term viking metal is also thrown about, but because it is so often closely associated with folk metal, it doesn’t quite do this band justice. Obscurity’s sound is not to be mistaken for folk metal, thank Odin. Agalaz’s vocals are heavily rooted in traditional black metal. You’ll even find that a lot of Dornaz and Cortez’s guitar runs present on Tenkterra are reminiscent of black metal (such as Cradle of Filth, Immortal and Emperor)…..