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The White Noise - AM/PM (2017)  Music

Posted by Pisulik at June 22, 2017
The White Noise - AM/PM (2017)

The White Noise - AM/PM (2017)
Post Hardcore | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 00:34:15 | 78 MB
Label: Fearless Records

On their 2017 full-length debut album AM/PM, the group boldly bob and weave past convention and emerge with an infectious and inimitable body of work representative of their penchant for unpredictability. Throughout 2016, the band recorded what would become AM/PM with producer Drew Fulk [Motionless In White, We Came As Romans] in Los Angeles. Along the way, they succinctly sharpened their style. AM/PM, named in reference to a song by the band Give Up The Ghost, threads together a captivating musical narrative, each moment adding another layer of complexity to the album as a whole. Ultimately, the songs encourage listeners to be introspective, self-aware and think outside the box. 'We don't want to stick to any one specific sound,' affirms KJ. 'Every song stands on its own, but there's a cohesion to the record because of how we play. At the core of everything, we're a rock band. There are no boundaries to that.'

White Noise 2 (2017) with Update 1  Games

Posted by Dizel_ at April 8, 2017
White Noise 2 (2017) with Update 1

White Noise 2 (2017) with Update 1
PC | Developer/Publisher : Milkstone Studios | 849 Mb
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Russian, French,
German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Hungarian
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Enjoy a fresh horror experience with White Noise 2! White Noise 2 is the sequel of the successful White Noise Online. Be a part of the investigator team, or take control of the creature and devour them! White Noise 2 offers a 4vs1 asymmetric horror experience that won't leave anyone unmoved.

White Noise 2: The Light (2007)  Video

Posted by king-ston at Nov. 21, 2015
White Noise 2: The Light (2007)

White Noise 2: The Light (2007)
BDRip | MKV | HEVC (x265), 1488 Kbps | 1280x544 | 23.976 fps | 1.01 GB | Runtime: 99 Min
Audio : English AAC 48 Kbps | 2 channels | 48 KHz | Subtitle : English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller

The family man Abe Dale is having lunch with his wife and son in a restaurant, when a man kills them in front of Abe and shoots himself in the mouth. A couple of days later, the grieving Abe misses his family and commits suicide ingesting many pills at home, but is rescued by his friend Marty Bloom and saved by the doctors. His Near Death Experience makes him see white light in some people and to hear Electronic Voice Phenomena, i.e., manifestations of voices of ghosts or spirits through static on electronic devices. Soon he discovers that the white light means that the person is going to die, and Abe saves three lives including his nurse Sherry Clarke. While watching a video recorded by his son, Abe finds that the killer had saved the lives of his wife and son three days before the murder. He investigates the incident and finds that when you save, you must kill; otherwise many innocents will die three days later.

White Noise (2005)  Video

Posted by king-ston at Nov. 21, 2015
White Noise (2005)

White Noise (2005)
BDRip | MKV | HEVC (x265), 1435 Kbps | 1280x544 | 23.976 fps | 1.01 GB | Runtime: 97 Min
Audio : English AAC 48 Kbps | 2 channels | 48 KHz | Subtitle : English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Genre: Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

The car of successful author Anna Rivers is found disabled next to the river, the thought being that she accidentally fell into the river while trying to change a flat tire. Her dead body is found upstream several weeks later, consistent with the accidental death theory. Based on incidents around him, her grieving husband, architect Jonathan Rivers, decides several months later to visit with Raymond Price, who approached John prior to Anna's body being found with news that she was trying to contact him from beyond. At that time, John was skeptical of Raymond's claims of electronic voice phenomena (EVP): that he is contacted from the beyond through electronic means - radio, television - which he is able to record. Along with Sarah Tate, another of Raymond's "clients" whose fiancé passed away, John becomes obsessed with EVP as he gets more and more audio and video messages, however fuzzy, from Anna from beyond. That obsession takes a slight change in focus when John believes that Anna …

White Noise/La voix des morts (2005)  Video

Posted by leva2009 at March 21, 2014
White Noise/La voix des morts (2005)

White Noise/La voix des morts (2005)
BDRip 720p | mp4 | ~93 min | h264 1280x544 ~5718 kbps avg | audio: French | AAC 2 ch ~192 Kbps | 3.98 GB
Drama, Horror, Mystery

White Noise (Audiobook)  eBooks & eLearning

Posted by interes at Dec. 23, 2012
White Noise (Audiobook)

White Noise (Audiobook) By Don DeLillo
English | 1999 | ISBN: 0736648909 | 12 hours and 33 minutes | MP3 | 356 MB

Jack Gladney teaches Hitler studies at a liberal arts college in Middle America where his colleagues include New York expatriates who want to immerse themselves in "American magic and dread". Jack and his fourth wife, Babette, bound by love, fear of death, and four ultramodern offspring, navigate the usual rocky passages of family life to the background babble of brand-name consumerism. Then a lethal black cloud floats over their lives, an airborne "toxic event", an industrial accident. The menacing cloud is a more urgent and visible version of the "white noise" engulfing the Gladney family: radio transmissions, sirens, microwaves, ultrasonic appliances, and TV murmurings, pulsing with life, yet filled with dread and danger.
White Noise 2: The Light / La voix des morts - La lumière (2007)

White Noise 2: The Light / La voix des morts - La lumière (2007)
DVDRip | AVI / XviD, 924 kb/s | 608x336 | 01:35:00 | French: MP3, 96 kb/s (2 ch) | 700 mb
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror | USA / Canada

Après avoir assisté, impuissant, au meurtre brutal de sa femme et de son fils, Abe Dale tente de mettre fin à ses jours par overdose de médicaments. Il est réanimé de justesse à l'hôpital, où il rencontre une jeune infirmière, Sherry Clarke. A sa sortie, il réalise que son bref passage dans le monde des morts lui a offert le don de voir l'avenir avec quelques secondes d'avance. Cadeau du ciel ou cadeau du diable ? Abe découvre bientôt qu'un tel pouvoir ne va pas sans conséquence…

White Noise / La voix des morts (2005)  Video

Posted by FenixN at Nov. 13, 2011
White Noise / La voix des morts (2005)

White Noise / La voix des morts (2005)
DVDRip | AVI / XviD, 912 kb/s | 512x272 | 01:33:54 | French: MP3, 110 kb/s (2 ch) | 695 mb
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Canada / UK / USA

Avant le décès soudain et mystérieux de son épouse, l'architecte Jonathan Rivers se considérait comme un homme rationnel qui ne croyait pas à la communication avec les morts. Jusqu'à ce que Raymond Price entre dans sa vie en prétendant avoir entendu la femme de Jonathan, Anna, par EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)…

White Noise 2: The Light (2007)  Video

Posted by cMovie at Sept. 1, 2007
White Noise 2: The Light (2007)

White Noise 2: The Light (2007)
Language: English | DVDRip | XviD 640 x 336 | 1h32 | 23.976 fps | 128 kbps | 700 Mb
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller | RS.com + Meagupload.com

A man's family is killed and he is brought back from the verge of death, he then realises he can identify people who are about to die.

RICH Samples - White Noise WAV Spire Presets  Software

Posted by Dizel_ at June 19, 2017
RICH Samples - White Noise  WAV Spire Presets

RICH Samples - White Noise WAV Spire Presets | 137 Mb

RICH Samples presents “White Noise”, a fantastic collection of Spire Presets. Organized into Spire Presets, 1 Sound Bank, Wavs and Bonus Loops, don’t forget to bring your oxygen mask to this exciting sonic exploration of digital noises.