Yoko Tsuno 14 - Le feu de Wotan  Comics

Posted by Lebedev30 at May 10, 2016
Yoko Tsuno 14 - Le feu de Wotan

Yoko Tsuno 14 - Le feu de Wotan
Editeur(s) : Dupuis | Scénario: Leloup, Roger | Science-fiction
Français | CBZ | 46 pages | 14.3 MB

Wotan - Intégrale 1-3  Comics

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Wotan - Intégrale 1-3

Wotan - Intégrale 1-3
French | CBR | 186 pages | 144 MB

Temple of Wotan : Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes  

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Temple of Wotan : Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes

Temple of Wotan : Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes by Miguel Serrano
English | 2000 | ISBN: 096781233X | 398 Pages | PDF | 46 MB

The mystical and essential foundation, practice and philosophy of Wotanism, detailing a comprehensive repertoire of sacred rites and rituals, art, poetry, runes, the Havamal and C.G.Jung’s Essay on Wotan. Learn the indigenous ceremonies, rites and customs of the Euro-Pagan tradition. Here you will discover the knowledge and spiritual inspiration that feeds the ethnic soul and bridges man to Nature and the Gods. The cosmic convergence of a dynamic past and the decaying present demands reconciliation.

S.S. Wotan Dogs of War Series by Leo Kessler  eBooks & eLearning

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S.S. Wotan Dogs of War Series by Leo Kessler

S.S. Wotan Dogs of War Series by Leo Kessler
Spellmount Publishers Ltd | 1974-1979 | English | ASIN: N\A | EPUB | 3 MB

Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock (2015)  Video

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Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock (2015)

Kleine Ziege, sturer Bock / Stroppy Cow, Stubborn Ram (2015)
BRRip | MKV / [email protected] kb/s | 720x304 | 1h 37mn | 1.37 GB | German: AC3, 448 kb/s (6 ch) | Subtiltes: English
Genre: Comedy

Der Lebenskünstler Jakob (Wotan Wilke Möhring), der sich sein Geld als Elvis-Imitator in Altersheimen verdient, lebt frei und ungebunden in den Tag hinein. Bis sich Julia (Julia Koschitz), eine seiner Ex-Affären, nach zwölf Jahren meldet und ihm mitteilt, dass er Vater ist.

Wagner - Die Walkure (Zubin Mehta) (2009) [Blu-Ray]  Music

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Wagner - Die Walkure (Zubin Mehta) (2009) [Blu-Ray]

Wagner - Die Walküre (Zubin Mehta) (2009) [Blu-Ray]
BluRay | BDMV | MPEG-4 AVC Video / 13976 kbps / 1080i / 29,970 fps | 272 min | 43,6 Gb
Audio1: German / LPCM Audio / 2.0 / 24-bit | Audio2: DTS-HD Master Audio / 7.1 / 48 kHz / 5543 kbps / 24-bit
Classical | C Major | Sub: Deutsch, English, Francais, Espanol

La Fura dels Baus, famous for their opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Barcelona and opera stagings in Salzburg, Ruhrtriennale, etc., use in Rheingold 3D computer projections that evoke computer games, organic structures built of athletic performers that recall the "Cirque du soleil". “Uusitalo is a commanding, mellifluous Wotan and although Jennifer Wilson's Brünnhilde is relatively unnuanced dramatically, she sings strongly and sensitively…The youthful Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana obediently and expertly delivers the plushy textures and stagey rhetoric Mehta requires” (Gramophone).

Wagner - Das Rheingold (Pierre Boulez) (2005/1980)  Music

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Wagner - Das Rheingold (Pierre Boulez) (2005/1980)

Wagner - Das Rheingold (Pierre Boulez) (2005/1980)
NTSC 4:3 (720x480) VBR | Deutsch (LinearPCM, 2 ch) | (DTS, 6 ch) | 7.58 Gb (DVD9) | 143 min
Classical | Deutsche Grammophon | Sub: Deutsch, English, Francais, Espanol, Chinese

In Patrice Chéreau's illuminating, violent Bayreuth production of Das Rheingold, Wotan wears the brocade coat of feudal times while the Rhine seems to be a reservoir with a modern power station - but, as Chéreau states, it "could also be many other things… a menacing construction, a theatrical machine to produce a river, an allegorical shape that today generates energy: perhaps a mythological presence, the mythology of our time… The gods' ascent to Valhalla (is) a defiant flight into the future."
Halévy - La Juive (Vjekoslav Sutej, Neil Shicoff) [2004]

Halevy - La Juive (Vjekoslav Sutej, Neil Shicoff) [2004]
NTSC 16:9 (720x480) VBR Auto Pan&Scan | Francais (LPCM, 2 ch); (DTS, 5 ch); (Dolby AC3, 5 ch) | 6,90+6,83Gb (2*DVD9)
Classical | Label: Deutsche Grammophon | Sub: Francais, English, Deutsch, Espanol | 176 min (opera) + 68 min (bonus)

The undeniable merit of this recording is that it preserves what a vividly marvelous piece of musical melodrama this opera is, abounding with lyrical moments and cracklingly powerful scenes, and marked throughout by engaged and engaging acting by the principals. It also allows one to contemplate how rich in influences this opera was upon the young Verdi and Wagner, in equal measure. There are pre-echoes here of the choral writing in Flying Dutchman, Wotan’s Spear, even the “Magic Fire Music,” as well as Verdi’s dispensation of groundswell choral scenes and dramatic use of parlando.
Christopher Williams, FANFARE

The Hero with a Thousand Faces  

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The Hero with a Thousand Faces

The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Paladin Books) by Joseph Campbell
English | Sep. 13, 1993 | ISBN: 0586085718 | 448 Pages | EPUB | 1 MB

A study of heroism in the myths of the world - an exploration of all the elements common to the great stories that have helped people make sense of their lives from the earliest times. It takes in Greek Apollo, Maori and Jewish rites, the Buddha, Wotan, and the bothers Grimm's Frog-King.

Tierra 2 núm.4-6  Comics

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Tierra 2 núm.4-6

Tierra 2 núm.4-6
ECC Ediciones, 2014 | CBR/RAR | Spanish | 3 núm. | 130 MB Total
Guión: James Robinson, Matt Kindt, Tom Taylor; Dibujo: Nicola Scott, Yildiray Cinar

Editorial: La vida de Kahlid Ben-Hassin cambió cuando encontró el yelmo de Nabú, un hechicero del Antiguo Egipto cuyo espíritu sigue viviendo en el arte- facto. Harto de su influencia, lo dejó en la Torre del Destino, adonde ha vuelto en compañía de Flash obligado por Wotan, un antiguo enemigo de Nabú al que ahora, como Dr. Destino, debe enfrentarse. Por su parte, Steppenwolf, el líder de las tropas de Apokolips que invadieron la Tierra hace cinco años, se ha hecho con el control de una nación llamada Dherain.